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Customized caskets and urns, that's our specialty.
- Mort

Mort is a local funeral director and owner of It's Your Funeral Home & Crematorium, next door to Bob's Burgers. He's been Bob's friend for years and helps him whenever possible. He makes his first appearance in "Human Flesh."

He is voiced by Andy Kindler.



Mort removes his toupée. ("My Fuzzy Valentine")


Mort wears a black, unbuttoned tuxedo with a white shirt and purple tie. He wears a toupée to hide his male pattern baldness, which he takes off for a moment in "My Fuzzy Valentine."


Mort is a friendly, loyal friend, and while he would rarely volunteer for a dangerous or strange adventure, he would not refuse or resist if invited by Teddy or Bob. While eccentric in his own way, he is one of the more sensible and low-key characters in Bob's social circle, often holding back his friends (especially Teddy) from ill-thought-out, spontaneous actions. Mort often tries to mix up his life and bring excitement to it, for example, providing a deceased biker gang boss with a funeral service, wearing ill-fitting leather pants to try and accommodate them, and attempting an ill-fated venture into stand-up comedy.

Despite the stereotype of his profession, Mort the mortician is not a morbid or sinister man by any means. He is fond of the Wonder Wharf because the first body he worked on (a small Italian man who got strangled) got discovered under the pier, and he politely rejects the stereotype of morgues being quiet places to work. He also drives a hearse as his personal vehicle.


Main article: Mort/Story

Mort's always been interested in death and even started thinking about his funeral when he was kid, arranging Playmobil figures to act out what it would be like ("Touch of Eval(uations)").



His mom[]

Mort appears with his mother in "Burger War" and "God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins." In "The Hauntening," Bob and Linda reveal that the haunted "old and creepy" and "nicely decorated" house they used to scare Louise belongs to Mort's mom.


Arthur is the man Mort's mom has been going out with, but Arthur and Mort's mom aren't labeling their relationship. They're "just having fun and seeing where it goes." ("The Hauntening")

Love interests[]




The Belchers[]

Mort is friends with all the members of the Belcher family. He is often willing to help out in their schemes if asked or when they need help, such as offering to let them stay with him while the restaurant was being fumigated ("Weekend at Mort's") or appearing in a video made by Louise ("Fraud of the Dead: Zombie-docu-pocalypse"). He does have his limits and will become frustrated if they take advantage of his hospitality, although he rarely, if ever, loses his temper with the family. He has spent Thanksgiving with the family on at least one occasion ("Turkey in a Can") and was invited by Linda to join in on a family hug at the same occasion.


Mort often sits next to Teddy at the restaurant. While the two often get along, Teddy often gets frustrated with Mort, although Mort usually doesn't respond or notice. Mort generally seems to like Teddy and likes being around him. Despite Teddy's aggression towards him, Mort once bought him a plaque to put on his stool as part of a Secret Santa arrangement.


Mort's role in the show has decreased over the seasons. While he appears in almost every episode in Season 1 and Season 2, he shows up in less than half of the episodes for Season 4 and Season 5.

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  1. s1e11 "Weekend at Mort's" Louise guesses that Mort is 50.


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