Bob's Burgers character
Morts Mum
Mort's mother
Gender Female
Hair Grey
Age 86
Occupation Mortician
Relatives Mort (son)
Behind the scenes
First "Burger Wars"
Voiced by Andy Kindler

Mort's mother first appears in Burger Wars and appears again in God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins.

In Burger Wars, Mort takes her out to Bob's Burgers for dinner using one of the flyers Gene and Tina give out outside Wonder Wharf. But then she sees the poster at Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria which offers the same half price off meal deal plus a t-shirt and directs him to take her there instead.

She later comes to Bob's after Bob and Jimmy Pesto start fighting and Mr. Fischoeder invites all the onlookers to some alcohol at the restaurant.

In God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins, Mort brings her to Bob's Burgers to see the window display.

She plays a major part in The Hauntening where it's revealed that she lives in the house that Bob and Linda use in an attempt to scare Louise. It's also revealed that her boyfriend is a creepy neighbor called Arthur.

In A Few 'Gurt Men, Mort, Bob, Linda, Teddy, and Jimmy Pesto use her 86th birthday party to out Herbie, a food scammer.



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