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Ugh, it's just more books.
- Mr. Ambrose

Mr. Ambrose is the librarian and cheerleading coach of Wagstaff School who has a penchant for drama. Despite being a librarian, he despises books, and why he works at the school is unknown. He makes his first appearance in "Topsy."

He is voiced by Billy Eichner.



Mr. Ambrose is a tall, slim man who wears a blue sweater vest, beige pants and black loafers. He has tall, poofy, brown hair.


The librarian loves seeking and starting drama, especially drama between Wagstaff's students he causes and exacerbates, and if it weren't for Ms. LaBonz, Ambrose would be Wagstaff's drama advisor ("Gene It On").

While Mr. Ambrose likes to stir up drama, he hates being involved in the resolution ("Topsy"). He is often annoyed and constantly makes sarcastic comments whenever he gets the chance. Always one for the dramatic, he enjoys bringing attention to himself, such as demanding to be carried out by paramedics on a stretcher even though they insisted he was not badly injured ("Gene It On").

For the most part, when he is trying to do his job, he simply speaks in his normal voice. When he's trying to egg people on or get involved in drama, he lowers his voice to a raspy, aggressive whisper before almost immediately switching back to his normal voice and pretending like he didn't say anything.

It is evident that he hates his job, as he always comes off as passive-aggressive and irritated and has stated several times that he does not enjoy it and is usually seen on the school computer. Despite that, he does know how to do his job and has been shown to have a decent grasp on managing the library.


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The Belchers[]




Phillip Frond[]

Mr. Ambrose does not like the school counselor and has explicitly said nobody likes him ("A Few 'Gurt Men"). He is the most vocal about not wanting Frond to join him and the other staff on Martini Tuesdays ("Mission Impos-slug-ble"). When someone steals his yogurt cup in "A Few 'Gurt Men," Ambrose immediately blames Frond, although the librarian found the yogurt cup in his coworker's trash can. However, when Louise clears Mr. Frond's name, he doesn't appear to apologize afterward, showing that Ambrose doesn't respect Frond enough to admit his mistake openly.

Ms. LaBonz[]

Although Mr. Ambrose has been openly bitter about Ms. LaBonz beating him to Wagstaff's drama advisor position ("Gene It On"), the two seem to get along. She is among the group attending Martini Tuesdays ("Mission Impos-slug-ble").

Mr. Branca[]

Coach Blevins[]


Wagstaff students[]

Wagstaff Whalers[]



  1. s7e3 "Teen-a Witch" Mr. Ambrose reveals he's a witch.


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