I start but don't finish things, that's my one flaw.
— Mr. Ambrose
Bob's Burgers character
Mr Ambrose
Mr. Ambrose
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 30s
Occupation Librarian/Cheerleading coach at Wagstaff School
Behind the scenes
First "Topsy"
Voiced by Billy Eichner

Mr. Ambrose is the librarian/cheerleading coach at Wagstaff School. He is shown to have a penchant for drama.

He first appears in Topsy as the school's librarian who suggests that Louise do her Thomas Edison essay on Topsy.

He has an important role in Gene It On where he is shown to be the coach of the Wagstaff Whalers cheerleading team. Because he'd failed to get the role of drama adviser which instead went to Ms. LaBonz, he decides to inject drama into the cheerleading squad. This leads to him orchestrating the drama that takes place between Gene, Todd and the team such as telling Todd to "get dirty" leading to Todd hiring Zeke to incapacitate Gene and leaking their routine to Melvin Laird Middle School at the regional cheerleading finals.

In The Land Ship, it is through him that Tina finds out that Jordan Cagan is "Ghost Boy."

In Teen-a Witch, Tina asks him for a book on witches for inspiration for her "Sand-witch" costume. He suggests that she not go for a stereotypical witch and that she should use witchcraft, which he practices, to win the costume contest.


Mr. Ambrose is a tall slim man who wears a blue sweater vest, beige pants, and black loafers. He has tall, poofy, brown wavy hair and is 6'2".


  • His name is not mentioned in any dialogue in Topsy (his first appearance), but it's listed on the end credits, his name is eventually spoken in Gene It On.
  • Practices witchcraft and was in a coven with Jackie, the crossing guard outside the school.
  • Rides to school on a bike with a little dog in the front basket. (Teen-a Witch)
  • Is writing a prequel to Mrs. Doubtfire called Mrs. Doubtwater. ("A Few 'Gurt Men")
  • Has a roommate named Joyce. ("Mission Impos-slug-ble")
  • Is a member of The Happy Mask Sad Mask Players theater company. ("All That Gene")
  • Since being introduced in Season 3, Ambrose doesn't make any appearances in Season 9.
  • Mr. Ambrose bears a striking resemblance to John C. Reilly.


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