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Poop on me once, shame on you. Poop on me twice, we're not best friends anymore!
- Mr. Branca

Mr. Branca is a custodian at Wagstaff School. He is well-received by the students and faculty because he is friendly and helpful to everyone. Branca has a complicated, darker past that he reflects on longingly. He makes his first appearance in "Broadcast Wagstaff School News."

He is voiced by David Herman.




He seems to have a soft spot for the students at the school, and has shown himself to be willing to bend the rules to make them happy. He chooses the kids' "scared fabulous" entry over Mr. Frond's to get them out of detention early in "The Runway Club" and allows Tina and Gene to slip notes for Louise under the door he was guarding in "Thelma & Louise Except Thelma is Linda".


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Despite being known for his kindness at the school, he was initially the tyrannical ruler of his home country until his people revolted and held a coup against him.[1] The specifics are unknown, but he reflects on his past longingly ("The Millie-churian Candidate").



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In "Broadcast Wagstaff School News," he hears about how Lenny DeStefano texted the entire baseball team on Wagstaff School News before Wagstaff's winter prom. He tells Tina he believes Julie deserves better since she is one of the girls Lenny is dating.


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  1. 1.0 1.1 s5e12 "The Millie-churian Candidate" At the end of the episode, Mr. Branca reveals he was a president, but he got overthrown after a coup.


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