Bob's Burgers Wiki


Season 1[]

"Human Flesh"[]

In "Human Flesh," Gene Belcher, out of curiosity, touches a button on Mort's lift at It's Your Funeral Home & Crematorium. His action opens a trapdoor in front of Mort's building and elevates Caffrey's casket up. Speedo Guy accidentally bumps into it, and it glides towards Bob's Burgers. Linda Belcher brings it inside the restaurant, believing it to be an anniversary gift from Bob Belcher. With Hugo there, she opens it to reveal his corpse, which is unfortunate as Hugo is investigating the restaurant for serving human flesh, as claimed by Louise. The health inspector instantly calls on the media to report that the Belchers are serving human meat.

Season 2[]

"The Belchies"[]

In "The Belchies," Teddy reveals that Caffrey hid his gold in the tunnels under his factory. Not taking it seriously, Teddy tells the Belchers about it ending in a prank. Nonetheless, the Belcher kids, Jimmy Jr., Zeke, Andy, and Ollie Pesto look for the treasure before demolishing the factory. After running free of the factory demolition, the show reveals that Teddy was right about the gold and that Caffrey hid the gold in the taffy dummy.

Season 3[]

"Sea Me Now"[]

In "Sea Me Now," Teddy and the Belchers end up stranded on his island after crashing the 'Sea Me Now' into it. After fending off wild cattle, Gardener Nathaniel reveals that Caffrey bought the island for the love of his life, Gwendolyn, who never returned his affections and named it How-Boutcha-Love-Me Island. He also shows that he built the house, which he dubbed "The House That Caffrey Built For Gwendolyn," and imported the Highland longhorn cattle from Scotland.