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Bob's Burgers character
Mr Dinkler.jpg
Mr. Dinkler
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 30-40s
Occupation Substitute Science Teacher at Wagstaff School/Part-Time Thomas Edison Impersonator
Behind the scenes
First "Topsy"
Voiced by Mark Proksch
You can both do Edison, moron!
— Mr. Dinkler

Mr. Dinkler is the substitute science teacher who covers for Mr. Blevins in the episode "Topsy". He is a big fan of Thomas Edison. He disapproves of volcanoes as science projects, and he subsequently develops an antagonistic relationship with Louise.

It is also mentioned in the episode that he works at a science museum, impersonating Thomas Edison on Tuesday nights. It is not clear if this is the Museum of Natural History seen in "Carpe Museum", or possibly the Edison Museum which is also located in New Jersey.