Bob's Burgers character
Alex Mom
Gender Female
Hair Light brown
Relatives Alex Papasian (son)
Mr. Papasian (husband)
Behind the scenes
First "Cheer Up Sleepy Gene"
Voiced by Brooke Dillman

Mrs. Papasian is Alex Papasian's mother.

She first appears in "Cheer Up, Sleepy Gene" where she introduced along with her son and husband. She has put the family on a strict diet which Alex detests. After Gene and Alex sneak back in after running away she appears secretly seen eating ice cream despite being on a diet with the rest of the family.

She also appears in "Roller? I Hardly Know Her!" where she supports Alex while he acts as Courtney Wheeler's roller dance partner.


  • She is the first character voiced by Brooke Dillman to make a second speaking appearance on the show.


Season 8

Season 9

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