Bob's Burgers character
Ms LaBonz
Ms. LaBonz
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age 40s-50s
Occupation Wagstaff School Teacher
Behind the scenes
First "Human Flesh"
Voiced by H. Jon Benjamin

Ms. LaBonz is the fourth-grade teacher at Wagstaff School, her class includes Louise Belcher, Andy and Ollie Pesto, Millie Frock, Wayne, Regular Sized Rudy, and Hogarth Haber.

She first appears in a flashback in "Human Flesh" when we reveal that Louise started the cannibalism rumors from her show and tell presentation, she later appears in the angry mob outside the restaurant later in the same episode.

Ms. LaBonz makes her first speaking appearance in "Lobsterfest" where she is teaching her class about lobster anatomy in the run up to the town's lobster festival. She refuses to grant Louise's request to skip the class (or be given an A) because she claimed her family doesn't observe Lobsterfest. She is later seen in the crowd at Lobsterfest itself.

In "Topsy" she announces the results of the science fair after Mr. Dinkler becomes upset after seeing Louise's reenactment of Thomas Edison's "Electrocuting an Elephant".

In "Gene It On," Mr. Ambrose mentions that Ms. LaBonz is the faculty adviser to the school's drama program (a position that he wanted). She is later seen occupying this position in "Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl" where she accepts submissions for the fall musical after refusing to do Grease again. She picks Courtney Wheeler's Working Girl musical after Doug Wheeler promises that Carly Simon would attend if they did the musical. She even goes as far as wearing a tour t-shirt and reserving a seat for her. When Carly Simon fails to show up, she slaps Doug.

In "The Gene and Courtney Show," the second half of her daily morning announcements get replaced by Gene and Courtney doing jingles. Her role is noticeably more antagonistic in the episode as she often harasses the both of them and attempts to sabotage their announcements. To compete with them, she gets a rhyming dictionary and hires Ms. Merkin on bongos.



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