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Bob's Burgers character
Ms. Selbo
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age 46
Occupation Wagstaff School Receptionist
Behind the scenes
First "Midday Run"
Voiced by Sarah Baker

Ms. Selbo is a receptionist who works the front desk at Wagstaff School.

She first appears in "Midday Run" where she gives Tina her hall monitor vest before she signs in. Later in the episode, she receives a call from Zeke's grandmother at the Elegant Doily Retirement Home which Tina overhears and realizes that Zeke is not lying about trying to steal the Wagstaff Whaler mascot suit to perform for her.

She makes a brief non-speaking appearance in "Sexy Dance Healing" where the kids set up a fake law firm and threaten her with a lawsuit if she doesn't take back the tardy slips they were issued with for being late.

In "Bob Actually", she comes to Bob's Burgers, upset that her boyfriend Martin had broken up with her. It is later revealed that they had broken up a year ago, she is following him, and Martin is across the street at Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria. Linda suggests bringing him over to the restaurant so Selbo can talk to him face to face and get closure over their breakup, but when he arrives she falls in love with a customer whom she dubs "Jim Himjim."

She is called to the stand in the mock trial over who ate Mr. Ambrose's yogurt in "A Few 'Gurt Men".



Ms. Selbo describes herself as "very discreet" ("A Few 'Gurt Men").

Aside from her basic duties of answering the phone, she often listens to rumors about students - including Tina being up for a hall monitor promotion or that Tina's in trouble for losing Zeke while escorting him to Principal Spoors' office.


  • She likes the Jalapeño poppers at Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria.
  • After breaking up with Martin, she slept outside his house, stole his dog, and urinated on his mail. She later agrees to return the dog.
  • She goes into the teacher's lounge and pretends she's a teacher ("A Few 'Gurt Men").
  • She is lactose intolerant ("A Few 'Gurt Men").


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