Bob's Burgers character
Ms. Twitchell
Gender Female
Hair Black
Occupation Wagstaff School Teacher
Behind the scenes
First "The Gene and Courtney Show"
Voiced by Tymberlee Hill

Ms. Twitchell is a teacher at Wagstaff School. Her sixth grade homeroom class includes Gene Belcher, Courtney Wheeler, Rupa, Julie & Peter Pescadero.

She first appears in "The Gene and Courtney Show" where she tells Mr. Grant about Gene and Courtney's antics during Ms. LaBonz's morning announcements in her homeroom class. This leads to Mr. Grant offering Gene and Courtney to do the morning announcements alongside Ms. Labonz. She is later shown to be moved by Gene's Valentine's Day rhyme, believing that Gene has a crush on her.



Season 6

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Season 8


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