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Season 3[]

"Ear-sy Rider"[]

At the beginning of "Ear-sy Rider," Mudflap is heavily pregnant with a baby whom everybody assumes is Horny Dave's, the chapters' deceased former president and her lover. After Tom Bush delivers her baby boy, she reveals to Critter that she slept with him nine months ago and that he is the father as Horny Dave had a vasectomy in 1995.

Season 5[]

"Speakeasy Rider"[]

Mudflap appears again in "Speakeasy Rider" along with Critter and their son assisting Tina, Gene and Louise in building their go-kart.

Season 6[]

"Wag the Hog"[]

In "Wag the Hog," Mudflap is unable to help Critter get out of jail because she has gone to a "Women of the Wild" wilderness retreat which teaches survival skills. She brings home a pinecone and gifts it to the Belchers for getting Critter out of jail.

Season 9[]

"Roamin' Bob-iday"[]

In "Roamin' Bob-iday," Mudflap asks the Belchers to throw a baby shower for her friend, Goldie, also a biker, at the restaurant. Goldie later goes into labor while Mudflap and Linda try to comfort her when Goldie states that she is not ready for motherhood and doesn't want to be a mother by revealing that neither mother was ready for their own children, with Mudflap stating that while she was not ready for Sidecar "she would die for that kid" and she and Linda help Goldie give birth to her baby in the restaurant, like Mudflap did.