Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Occupation Limousine driver
Behind the scenes
First "V for Valentine-detta"
Voiced by Jillian Bell
Nat is a limousine driver who drives Linda, Tina, and Louise around in her limousine in "V for Valentine-detta" as part of Bob and Linda's Kissin' Koupon limousine experience which Linda makes into a girls night out to console Tina after Jimmy Jr. picks Becky Krespe as his valentine.

Nat will appear again in "Just the Trip."[1]


Nat has light brown hair. She wears a pink tuxedo with a purple lapel and bowtie. She also wears a lighter pink sports visor.


Nat is rebellious, suggesting extreme activities such as lizards, throwing a tub of baked beans at a meter maid, and getting revenge on Jimmy Jr. for making Becky Krespe his valentine instead of Tina which she later exacts.


  • Knows the owner of Tiramisu Warehouse after she saved his life after she ran him over.
  • Her sensei is a busboy at Nicey Spicey.
  • Has contact with a guy who supplies dead animals which she uses for getting revenge.
  • Owns an inactive hand grenade.


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