Bob's Burgers character
Nat Kinkle
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Occupation Limousine driver
Behind the scenes
First "V for Valentine-detta"
Voiced by Jillian Bell
Nat Kinkle is a limousine driver who drives Linda, Tina, and Louise around in her limousine in "V for Valentine-detta" as part of Bob and Linda's Kissin' Koupon limousine experience which Linda makes into a girls night out to console Tina after Jimmy Jr. picks Becky Krespe as his valentine. Louise looks up to her.

in "Just the Trip," she invited the Belchers on a road trip to drop off Steve, her pet snake at her ex-girlfriend Theresa Shaw's animal sanctuary.


Nat has light brown hair. In "V for Valentine-detta," she wears a pink tuxedo with a purple lapel and bowtie. She also wears a lighter pink sports visor.

In "The Ring (But Not Scary)," while at the water park she wears a tank-top style pink shorty wetsuit with shoes (not pool shoes). While at home and driving to the water park she wears a dark pink tank-top under a lighter pink tracksuit top and bottoms.

In "Just the Trip," she wears a light pink dress shirt, a bolo tie with a reptile clasp, purple jeans with a white belt, and the sports visor from "V for Valentine-detta."


Season 8

Season 10


Nat is rebellious, suggesting extreme activities such as lizards, throwing a tub of baked beans at a meter maid, and getting revenge on Jimmy Jr. for making Becky Krespe his valentine instead of Tina which she later exacts. She is friendly and has connections to basically everyone. Used to smoke weed.


  • Knows the owner of Tiramisu Warehouse after she saved his life after she ran him over.
  • Her sensei is a busboy at Nicey Spicey.
  • Has contact with a guy who supplies dead animals which she uses for getting revenge.
  • Owns an inactive hand grenade.
  • Her name sounds similar to singer Nat King Cole.
  • Has a pet Komodo dragon.
  • Wears contact lenses.
  • All the episodes Nat appears in were written by sister-duo Lizzie and Wendy Molyneux.


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