Bob's Burgers Wiki


Season 1[]

"Hamburger Dinner Theater"[]

Officer Julia first appears in "Hamburger Dinner Theater." She arrives at Bob's Burgers with Officer Cliffany when Mort horrifies everyone by using his "fake" bloody guts and organs to portray a murder scene in Linda Belcher's Dinner Theater. She appears again at the restaurant when a robbery occurs during Linda's second show. They arrive again the day after the show's second night after Bob's Burgers gets robbed during the Dinner Theater that everyone thought was part of the show. When Julia caught up to the Robber, she started beating him up violently.

"Art Crawl"[]

In "Art Crawl," Officer Julia puts Bob in handcuffs after the restaurateur defaces all of the paintings in Reflections with "anuses." However, Julia releases Bob Belcher after Edith Cranwinkle lets Bob go when Louise Belcher pays her with money she earned from selling profitable art during Art Crawl.


In "Lobsterfest," Officer Julia and Cliffany try to stop Bob from dipping his toes in the vat of butter. Still, Julia accidentally shoots him with her bean bag blaster, causing Bob to fall in.

Season 2[]

"Bob Day Afternoon"[]

Officer Cliffany is one of the officers at the scene of the First Oceanside Savings Bank hostage situation in "Bob Day Afternoon."

"Bad Tina"[]

In "Bad Tina," Officer Julia appears in the audience with Cliffany during the Cake performance Bob and Linda attend.

Season 4[]

"Wharf Horse"[]

When Tina Belcher sees that the carnies are tearing down the carousel with the hideous horses, Tina tries to stop them. Officer Julia appears at the scene when Louise padlocks Tina to Mr. Goiter, Tina's favorite carousel horse.

"World Wharf II: The Wharfening"[]

Officer Cliffany and Julia escort Fanny into a police car at the end of "World Wharf II: The Wharfening."

Season 5[]

"Dawn of the Peck"

Officer Julia appears at the gates of Wonder Wharf in "Dawn of the Peck," forbidding anyone but the animal control officers from entering because of the turkey outbreak. However, the turkeys overwhelm the officers, and Julia has to escape from them or be subdued by the turkeys.