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The Papasian Family are the family at whose house Gene attends a sleepover at in "Cheer Up Sleepy Gene, with the Papasians appearing also in "Roller? I Hardly Know Her!"(although in that episode, just Alex and Mrs Papasian appear.) The Papasians are an odd family, with Alex seemingly not liking his parents due to them effectively banning sugar in his household, only letting him have sugar a select few times a month. Alex cannot stand this to the point that he runs away in Cheer Up Sleepy Gene. Alex had a "fort" made out of garbage bags, where he kept sugar packets to snack on, and it was implied he had been coming to this fort for some time. The Papasians don't really seem to communicate well-Mrs Papasian insists they try out healthy eating, and yet caught snacking at night by Gene and Alex. Mrs Papasian seems to be the main authority figure in the household.

Alex alone also appears in "The Gene Mile."

Family Members[]


  • They have a pet dog named Donut.
  • Papasian is a name that originates from the French and Armenian languages, implying that the family has roots in France or Armenia.