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Season 2[]

"Moody Foodie"[]

Pepe first appears in "Moody Foodie" where Reggie and Tran attempt to cheer him up after losing his restaurant when they meet Bob. Pepe then informs Bob about the Moody Foodie's tell of using a blue handkerchief to wipe his hands before every meal. Later in the episode, he brings a newspaper to force feed the Moody Foodie because he lost the restaurant and decided that he needed to "choke on his reviews."

Season 4[]

"My Big Fat Greek Bob"[]

In "My Big Fat Greek Bob, Bob mentions Pepe works at the Beta Upsilon Pi frat house now as their chef. Bob fills in for him during the episode.

"Wharf Horse"[]

Pepe makes a non speaking cameo in "Wharf Horse" when the crowd is gathered around the carousel where Tina is bike-locked to Mr. Goiter.