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Percy McTinsel-bud is a recording artist/character whose novelty record, Percy McTinsel-bud's Tinsel Machine, was a favorite record of Gene's to play during the holiday season before it got destroyed when he rolled over onto it in bed.

Not much is known about whether McTinsel-bud was a actual recording artist or an invented character for the record. All that is known is that the record was produced by Toodle-Loo Records, a small record label whose warehouse caught fire presumably destroying many of the records.

He later appears to Gene to explain that through the family's covers tape his music will live on.


  • His record was gifted to Bob by his aunt and passed on to Gene when Bob wanted to throw it out instead of donating it.

Percy McTinsel-Bud's Tinsel Machine tracklist[]

Side One
1. Percy McTinsel-bud's Tinsel Machine
2. Santa's Groove-Shop
3. Elves are People Too
4. Space Reindeer
5. Teacup Kittens
Side Two
6. Santa Upstairs
7. I'm Excited for Christmas
8. Sparklenatural
9. Gingerbread Fred