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Pickles is a male strip club that ironically actually serves pickles. In "Hamburger Dinner Theater" Linda claims she is going there for a bachelorette party there when she is actually going to Off Ramp Broadway Dinner Theater. In "My Fuzzy Valentine" Pickles is on the list of establishments that Hugo and Ron visit during the day. When Ron gives a carbon copy of the list to Bob, he, along with the kids, visit them all including Pickles. In "V for Valentine-detta", Nat drives her limousine past the club while Linda stands up through the sunroof and yells, "Woo! Pickles!"

In "Land of the Loft," Jen takes Tina, Gene, and Louise to the club to see her cousin Dave who performs as a pilot in a 9-1-Buns show after they take his ice cream truck which Jen used to get to them out into the icy weather.

In "The Pickleorette," Jestain planned to have her bachelorette party here with her sister, Gretchen, Linda, Gayle, and her third-grade teacher, Ms. Baker. However, Pickles was being fumigated at the time and was closed.


  • Dave
  • Throb
  • Rocket
  • Steve