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  • He is one of the many characters on the series voiced by a cast member on Reno 911!
  • The "Prince of Persuasia" character is likely a parody of "Mystery" (Erik von Markovik), the star of the VH1 dating-themed reality game show "The Pickup Artist," who has been known to wear a similar heart-shaped necklace.
  • "Prince of Persuasia" is a reference to the Prince of Persia video game series.
  • He also appears to be influenced by the musician, Prince. Aside from similarities in name and fashion, his advice about pushing women into lakes references the "Lake Minnetonka" scene in the film, Purple Rain.
  • His real identity is unknown.
  • He is quite obviously a con-artist as he charges Yap three installments of $900 and the Belchers $500 for Gene's baseball camp before fleeing.
  • He has or had hemorrhoids. ("The Unnatural")
  • Ollie claims he's going to do a TED Talk. ("The Unnatural")