Princess Little Piddles is Ms. LaBonz's fourth-grade class pet chinchilla. He first appeared in The Millie-Churian Candidate.

He appears again in Adventures In Chinchilla-Sitting where he is taken home to be cared for the weekend by Louise. When his regular weekend caretaker, Wayne, shows up and accidentally leaves the door open at the Belchers residence while he is out of his cage, he runs out and is picked up by Jonas.

Jonas eventually gives him to his crush, Vanessa Jackson at a party who takes him to the roller rink and exchanges him with a security guard for $40. He then runs off into the rink itself where he suffers a seizure as a result of the strobe light, rendering him incapacitated. Louise saves him before the skaters can perform "The Whip."

After being returned to the apartment, Wayne is still interested in retrieving him to take home to care. They give him the choice of staying with Louise or going with Wayne. He eventually decides to stay with Louise, but she has a change of heart and later returns him to Wayne despite his apparent desire to stay with Louise.

Princess Little Piddles appears as a major character in the single-story Issue 14 of the Bob's Burgers Comics series. Louise takes care of him while Wayne is sick and uses him to test out the matter-transporter on a living creature. After running away from Louise and hiding in the transporter, Louise tests the device on herself not realizing he is in there, they combine with each other, slowly, as Louise appears normal at first but eventually starts morphing into a chinchilla.


  • Despite being named Princess, he is actually male.
  • Has a number of ailments including; "Weird fur, seizures, runny nose, runny eyes, and runny everything," according to Louise.
  • His name was chosen by Millie Frock after winning a vote.
  • He is known as Atlas by Wayne, Shinobu by Louise, and Javier by Gene.
  • In addition to his episodic appearances he appears on the Season 5 DVD cover.


Season 5

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