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Season 3[]

"Broadcast Wagstaff School News"[]

Louise mentions Principal Spoors in "Broadcast Wagstaff School News," saying she has incriminating pictures of him because she drew incriminating pictures of him. Later, Tina Belcher gets sent to his office after being framed for her being the "Mad Pooper." Because he is at the anti-smoking assembly, Ms. Schnur watches over her, only to get distracted and to let Tina go.

Season 5[]

"Midday Run"[]

In "Midday Run," Tina mentions that Spoors is taking a nap in his car.

"The Fresh Princ-ipal"[]

In "The Runway Club," Phillip Frond leaves Principal Spoors a voicemail about his Scared Fabulous fashion therapy. Amid Mr. Frond's fashion contest, Spoors calls and tells him he hates it and wants to shut it down.

After Mr. Frond releases every student from detention early, Spoors arrives at Wagstaff, which scares Frond, so the counselor pulls the fire alarm and panics.

Season 9[]

"The Fresh Princ-ipal"[]

In "The Fresh Princ-ipal," Louise breaks into Spoors' office while he is attending a leadership conference.

"The Gene Mile"[]

In "The Gene Mile," Mr. Frond tells Louise, Regular Sized Rudy, Courtney Wheeler, and Alex Papasian that they have to redo the mile upon Principal Spoor's confirmation that he has the authority.

Season 10[]

"Wag the Song"[]

In "Wag the Song," Mr. Frond emails Spoors about having a competition to change the school's anthem. He does not reply, implying that he does not approve of it. However, Frond takes his no reply as approval and does the competition anyways.

Season 12[]

"Touch of Eval(uations)"[]

In "Touch of Eval(uations)," Mr. Frond creates Teacher Evaluation Day after talking to Principal Spoors about it. He implicitly approves Frond's plan after the counselor tells him everyone should receive evaluation—except for counselors and principals. Later, Spoors and the rest of the school hear Louise's heartfelt second evaluation of Ms. LaBonz and get moved enough to give LaBonz a parking space in the main lot.