Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Gray
Occupation Deli Owner
Behind the scenes
First "Moody Foodie"
Voiced by Eddie Pepitone

Reggie is the owner of Reggie's Deli.  He first appears in the episode "Moody Foodie" where he is victim of a bad review by the food critic by the name of the Moody Foodie. He openly admits to using day-old bread for his sandwiches and this is the reason his bread is stale.  At the end of "Moodie Foodie" he comes to the Moody Foodie's home along with Tran of Tran's noodles and the recently unemployed Pepe of Pepe's Tacos in order to try to get a second chance at impressing the critic. This attempt fails and Reggie is the main player in a "Reservoir Dogs" inspired scene where he gives a big "wet willie" to the Moody Foodie as revenge. He also appears briefly in the episode "Full Bars" where he gives the Belcher kids deli numbers in lieu of candy for Halloween. His next appearance is in the episode "Uncle Teddy" where he employs a new delivery boy named Jonas who is the focus of Tina's attention throughout the episode. In "Are You There Bob? It's Me, Birthday" Linda invites him to Bob's surprise birthday party but turns it down as he is in intensive care recovering from a heart attack.

Reggie does not live above his deli like the Belchers and the Pestos living above their respective restaurants. He seems to have his own home with a backyard and a gazebo that apparently leaks when it rains.



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