Bob's Burgers character
Rudolph Stieblitz (Regular Sized Rudy)
Gender Male
Hair Ginger
Age 9-10
Occupation Student at Wagstaff School
Relatives Sylvester Stieblitz (father)
Mandy (cousin)
Behind the scenes
First "Carpe Museum"
Voiced by Brian Huskey
Fun hurts my lungs
— Regular Sized Rudy

Rudolph Stieblitz is a student at Wagstaff School. He is more frequently known as either Regular Sized Rudy or just Rudy. He first appeared in "Carpe Museum" as Louise's assigned field trip buddy, followed by "The Unnatural", where he took part in Diamond Deuces's baseball camp along with Gene, The Pesto twins, and others. Rudy has appeared regularly throughout Season 4 and onwards.


Rudy has light, ginger hair that he wears very short. He wears a light navy blue shirt, with red shorts, white tube socks, and brown shoes. Fans have speculated whether or not Rudy's appearance is based on Bobby Hill from Mike Judge's TV series King of the Hill, as the two share similar characteristics.


Rudy's parents are divorced and share joint custody with his father having him on weekends.

His father Sylvester is a self-described "middle-aged man" who's "trying to get back out there."; and his mother is yet to be seen but according to Rudy in the episode Carpe Museum, she "hates fun" and is seemingly overprotective of her son since he also claimed that she "barely allowed" him to go on the field trip to the museum in the first place. Also according to Rudy; his mother once told him that he'd "never climb a tree",and he says this to himself while climbing a fake dead tree while at the 'Amazon Exhibit' in the museum.


  • Rudy's nickname was devised to distinguish him from Pocket Sized Rudy, a shorter student at Wagstaff School.
  • He is left-handed since he wears his watch on his right wrist which; is a common practice for left-handed people, as seen in the The Kids Rob a Train.
  • He is also musically gifted; and can play the cymbals like in the episode Carpe Museum, as well as the drums like in the episode Bitty Ditty Committee. when he played in Gene's temporary newfound
  • In the episode Midday Run, he worked alongside Tina as a hall monitor at Wagstaff School. His rank was known as a "hall minnow" since he was still a beginner.
  • He also has some medical problems like his asthma; and desperately requires his inhaler "every 2 hours" because he could possibly die without it, he came really close to doing just that in the episode Carpe Museum. He also as a couple of allergies such as poultry; because in the episode Dawn of the Peck he says, "Who wants to be in charge of my EpiPen?" "I'm allergic to geese and ducks!" while the crazy birds were surrounding him and the others on the ride. Also in the episode The Kids Rob a Train he claims that he is allergic to chocolate; however he still had no problem eating it, but it's alright because he states "I just get a rash on my back."
  • In the episode Teen-a Witch; he won the annual Halloween costume contest, dressed as a mime named 'Marcel Marceau'.
  • He is best friends with Louise and had his very first kiss on the lips with her; which was her first kiss as well, shown in the episode Bob Actually.
  • He seems to have recently become the love interest for Louise in season 7; or at least her feelings for him have become much more noticeable in that season, since she did get jealous of the other girl that he had a crush on.
  • In the episode Mom, Lies, and Videotape while Louise was telling Linda her made up version of her school play for Mother's day; she imagined Rudy as the "town sheriff" while imagining herself as his mom who was also also an "ex out law", and had her and him acting together side-by-side in the story of her play.


Season 3

Carpe Museum

On a school trip to the Museum of Natural History led by Mr. Frond and chaperoned by Bob, Rudy is assigned Louise as a buddy throughout the trip. He follows the lead of Louise to the offset Amazon Room in museum, however their trip takes a turn for the worst when they are on top of the exhibit without a latter. Bob, Louise's father, is also stuck with them he ran after the two. The problem goes from bad to worse when Rudy does not have his inhaler, but luckily Bob uses his vest to make a zipline and all three glides down. He then finds Rudy's backpack which has his inhaler and gives it to him. Bob, Louise, and Rudy all get on board the school bus.

The Unnatural

In the last episode of the season it mainly focuses on Gene trying live his dream about becoming a baseball player, while his family scrambles to pay for it. He is seen somewhere near the end at the '' baseball camp'' with Gene and a few others.

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8

Season 9


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