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Season 3[]

"Carpe Museum"[]

In "Carpe Museum," on a school trip to the Museum of Natural History led by Phillip Frond and chaperoned by Bob Belcher, Frond assigns Rudy to Louise Belcher as a buddy throughout the trip. He follows the lead of Louise to the offset Amazon Room in the museum, however, their trip takes a turn for the worst when they are on top of the exhibit without a ladder. Bob, Louise's father, is also stuck with them when he ran after the two. The problem goes from bad to worse when Rudy does not have his inhaler, but luckily, Bob uses his vest to make a zipline and all three glide down. He then finds Rudy's backpack which has his inhaler and gives it to him. Bob, Louise & Rudy all get on board the school bus.

"The Unnatural"[]

In "The Unnatural," Rudy attends the Deuce of Diamond's baseball camp with Gene Belcher, Andy and Ollie Pesto, and other kids.