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Season 4[]

"Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mercial"[]

Sandy Frye appears in "Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mercial," where Teddy recommends him as a potential celebrity endorser for the Belchers commercial for the Bob's Burgers. Bob Belcher and his family rejects the idea at first, but after the original commercial fails, they draft him in. For the commercial, they recycles Sandy's signature can-can dance and use the tagline "Because Bob's Burgers go great with Frye." When the Belchers and their customers, which are just Teddy and Mort, watch the commercial on the day of the Super Bowl, they find out Sandy filmed a commercial for Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria that came right after their ad. Sandy went to Jimmy's after filming for Bob's to eat some imaginative appetizers and told Jimmy Pesto about the commercial, unaware of their rivalry. That results in a commercial that contains the same pun applied to Jimmy Pesto's pizza.

Sandy last appears at Jimmy Pesto's watching a commercial he also did for Tran using the same tagline, now incorporating Tran's Noodles. He comments about how he was in a lot of commercials that day.