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Season 5[]

"Speakeasy Rider"[]

In "Speakeasy Rider," Sasha Whiteman is a member of the Kingshead Island Speeders go-kart team. He recruits Tina Belcher to replace their usual driver, Eddy, who is in detention and to compete with Bryce in A-League go-karting.

Season 6[]

"House of 1000 Bounces"[]

Sasha appears again in "House of 1000 Bounces," where he helps the Belcher kids, Regular Sized Rudy, Andy and Ollie Pesto, Harley, and Jeremy steal the bounce house from his cousin Dahlia's birthday party for Rudy's birthday party.

Season 7[]

"Ain't Miss Debatin'"[]

In "Ain't Miss Debatin'," Tina finds out he's one of the top debater on his school's debate team. Sasha notices Tina's crush on Duncan and tries to do everything he can to get them close together so Tina falters in the debate, but fails.

Season 9[]

"What About Blob?"[]

In "What About Blob?" the Belcher kids ask Sasha and Duncan to help sabotage Glencrest Yacht Club's attempts to bleach a plankton blob Gene became attached to, and later helps them drive the blob out to sea.