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The eleventh season of Bob's Burgers refers to the eleventh broadcast season. The season will coincide with the show's 200th episode, 10th anniversary, and the delayed-from-Summer-2020 feature film. During the fall, the show will air at 9pm/8c.[4][5]


Production of episodes was minorly affected by lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some voice actors recorded parts from their homes.[6][7][8]

Loren Bouchard confirmed that Season 11 will last from Fall 2020 to Spring 2021.[9]




Supervising (Bento Box Entertainment)


Executive Story Editor

For "Worms of In-Rear-ment" (9ASA23), see Season 10

List of Episodes

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes # Viewers in Millions #
BobsBurgers 1001 DreamALittleDreamOfBob A01 Promo 03.jpg "Dream a Little Bob of Bob" September 27, 2020 AASA01 1 195 1.773
Bob goes on an epic quest to find a misplaced lock box key.
BobsBurgers 923 WormsOfInRear-Ment Promo 05.jpg "Worms of In-Rear-ment" October 4, 2020 9ASA23 2 196 1.123
Linda tries to take her family to the symphony on free admission night, but her efforts are thwarted by a pinworm epidemic.
BobsBurgers 1002 Copa-Bob-Bana A02 Promo 03.jpg "Copa-Bob-bana" October 11, 2020 AASA02 3 197 1.260
Bob agrees to be the temporary chef at the Fischoeders' new nightclub.
BobsBurgers 1004 HeartbreakHotel-Oween A04 Promo 07.jpg "Heartbreak Hotel-oween" October 18, 2020 (Canada)
November 1, 2020 (United States)
AASA04 4 198 TBA
Louise's plan to get revenge on Halloween for a candy transgression hits a snag when the Belcher kids meet a mysterious elerly woman at a hotel.
BobsBurgers FastTimesCapsulesAtWagstaffSchool 1003 A03 Promo 04.jpg "Fast Time Capsules at Wagstaff School" November 8, 2020 AASA03 5 199 TBA
Tina is put in charge of the Wagstaff School time capsule project.
BobsBurgers 1005 BobBelcherAndTheTerribleHorrible... A05 Promo 04.jpg "Bob Belcher and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Kids" November 15, 2020 AASA05 6 200 TBA
The family must figure out how to keep the restaurant open after Bob's flattop breaks on the morning of the Ocean Avenue Business Association's: Ocean Fest on Ocean Avenue.
Diarrhea Script.png "Diarrhea of a Poopy Kid" November 22, 2020 AASA08 7 201 TBA
When Gene can't eat Thanksgiving dinner because of a stomach flu, the family tries to cheer him up.
Bobsburgers.png "TBA" November 29, 2020[10] AASA?? 8 202 TBA
Bobsburgers.png "TBA" December 6, 2020[10] AASA?? 9 203 TBA
Bobsburgers.png "TBA" December 13, 2020[10] AASA?? 10 204 TBA
Bobsburgers.png "TBA" December 20, 2020[10] AASA?? 11 205 TBA
Bobsburgers.png "TBA" January 3, 2021[10] AASA?? 12 206 TBA

Future episodes

For future episodes without scheduled airdates, see Unknown season.



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