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The twelfth season of Bob's Burgers refers to the twelfth broadcast season. It will air at 9:00pm ET/PT.


On September 23, 2020, Bob's Burgers was renewed for a twelfth and thirteenth broadcast season by Fox, keeping it on the air until 2023.[1]

List of Episodes

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes # Viewers in Millions #
Bobsburgers.png "Manic Pixie Crap Show" September 26, 2021 AASA22 1 217 TBA
Louise must pay a debt to Millie by attending the Pixie Princess Promenade.
Bobsburgers.png "Crystal Mess" October 3, 2021 BASA01 2 218 TBA
Mr. Frond lends Tina a crystal that his new girlfriend alleges has special powers.
Bobsburgers.png "The Pumpkinening" October 10, 2021 BASA02 3 219 TBA
Linda and Gayle must travel to their hometown to face a wrong they committed 27 years ago.
Bobsburgers.png "TBA" October 17, 2021[2] TBA 4 220 TBA
Bobsburgers.png "TBA" October 24, 2021[2] TBA 5 221 TBA
Bobsburgers.png "TBA" October 31, 2021[2] TBA 6 222 TBA

Future episodes

For future episodes without scheduled airdates, see Unknown season.