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The twelfth season of Bob's Burgers refers to the twelfth broadcast season. It is currently airing at 9:00pm ET/PT.


On September 23, 2020, Bob's Burgers was renewed for a twelfth and thirteenth broadcast season by Fox, keeping it on the air until 2023.[1]








For "Manic Pixie Crap Show" (AASA22), see Season 11

List of Episodes

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episodes # Viewers in Millions #
BobsBurgers 1022 ManicPixieCrapShow A22 Promo 05.jpg "Manic Pixie Crap Show" September 26, 2021 AASA22 1 217 1.601
Louise must pay a debt to Millie by attending the Pixie Princess Promenade.
BobsBurgers 1101 CrystalMess B01 Promo 04.jpg "Crystal Mess" October 3, 2021 BASA01 2 218 1.143
Mr. Frond lends Tina a crystal that his new girlfriend alleges has special powers.
BobsBurgers 1102 ThePumpkinening B02 Promo 01.jpg "The Pumpkinening" October 10, 2021 BASA02 3 219 1.770
Linda and Gayle must travel to their hometown to face a wrong they committed 27 years ago.
BobsBurgers 1103 DrivingBigDummy B03 Promo 06.jpg "Driving Big Dummy" October 17, 2021 BASA03 4 220 1.168
Bob gets roped into a road trip with Teddy.
BobsBurgers 1104 Seven-TweenAgain B04 05.jpg "Seven-tween Again" October 24, 2021 BASA04 5 221 1.204
Gene has a freak-out about growing up and desperately tries to relive his youth.
BobsBurgers 1105 BeachPlease B05 Promo 07.jpg "Beach, Please" November 7, 2021 BASA05 6 222 1.475
the Belcher kids participate in a beach clean-up for Wagstaff Volunteer Day.
BobsBurgers 1108 LoftsInBedslation B08 Promo 05.jpg "Loft in Bedslation" November 14, 2021 BASA08 7 223 1.157
Linda and the girls attempt to build a loft bed for Louise in just one day.
BobsBurgers 1106 StuckInTheKitchenWithYou B06 Promo 09.jpg "Stuck in the Kitchen with You" November 21, 2021 BASA06 8 224 1.839
Bob volunteers to cook Thanksgiving dinner for a retirement home.
Bobsburgers.png "FOMO You Didn't" November 28, 2021 BASA09 9 225 1.624
Susmita offers to help Tina with a photography class assignment.
Bobsburgers.png "Gene's Christmas Break" December 19, 2021 BASA07 10 226 1.604
Gene breaks his favorite, extremely rare '70s era Christmas record.
Bobsburgers.png "Touch of Eval(uations)" January 9, 2022 BASA10 11 227 1.331
Louise realizes that Mr. Frond's new plan of students evaluating their teachers has shifted the balance of power at school from teacher to kid.
Bobsburgers.png "TBA" February 20, 2022[2] TBA 12 228 TBA
Bobsburgers.png "TBA" February 27, 2022[2] TBA 13 229 TBA

Future episodes

For future episodes without scheduled airdates, see Unknown season.