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The twelfth season of Bob's Burgers refers to the twelfth broadcast season. The season started with "Manic Pixie Crap Show" on September 26, 2021 and ended with "Some Like It Bot Part 2: Judge-bot Day" on May 22, 2022.


On September 23, 2020, Bob's Burgers was renewed for a twelfth and thirteenth broadcast season by Fox, keeping it on the air until 2023.[1]

The season preceded The Bob's Burgers Movie and several easter eggs appear including the sidewalk over the sinkhole incresingly deteriorating and characters are seen tripping over it in the later episodes.

The season also included a few recastings of several characters including; Ms. Jacobson, Alex Papasian, Mickey, and Big Bob Belcher.








For "Manic Pixie Crap Show" (AASA22), see Season 11

List of episodes[]

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episode # Viewers in Millions #
BobsBurgers 1022 ManicPixieCrapShow A22 Promo 05 "Manic Pixie Crap Show" September 26, 2021 AASA22 1 217 1.601
Millie forces Louise to join the Pixie Princess Promenade. Linda encounters a dog-shaped bouquet.
BobsBurgers 1101 CrystalMess B01 Promo 04 "Crystal Mess" October 3, 2021 BASA01 2 218 1.143
Mr. Frond lets Tina use his girlfriend's crystal to help with her nerves. Bob and Linda try not to let their about-to-expire produce go to waste.
BobsBurgers 1102 ThePumpkinening B02 Promo 01 "The Pumpkinening" October 10, 2021 BASA02 3 219 1.770
Linda and Gayle must return to their hometown after a letter forces them to face their past.
BobsBurgers 1103 DrivingBigDummy B03 Promo 06 "Driving Big Dummy" October 17, 2021 BASA03 4 220 1.168
Bob ends up on a road trip with Teddy. Linda and her kids fight to become Employee of the Day.
BobsBurgers 1104 Seven-TweenAgain B04 05 "Seven-tween Again" October 24, 2021 BASA04 5 221 1.204
Gene wants to remain young, while Linda desires to go to the new hair salon next door but doesn't want to anger Gretchen.
BobsBurgers 1105 BeachPlease B05 Promo 07 "Beach, Please" November 7, 2021 BASA05 6 222 1.475
The kids clean up the beach for Wagstaff Volunteer Day. Teddy looks different.
BobsBurgers 1108 LoftsInBedslation B08 Promo 05 "Loft in Bedslation" November 14, 2021 BASA08 7 223 1.157
Linda rushes to build a loft bed for Louise with her daughters, and Bob and Gene allow people to play their game.
BobsBurgers 1106 StuckInTheKitchenWithYou B06 Promo 09 "Stuck in the Kitchen with You" November 21, 2021 BASA06 8 224 1.839
Bob offers to cook the Thanksgiving dinner for a retirement home, and Louise must help him. Tina, Gene, and Zeke try to keep the residents happy.
BobsBurgers 1109 FOMOYouDidn't B09 Promo 08 "FOMO You Didn't" November 28, 2021 BASA09 9 225 1.624
Tina does her photography class assignment with Susmita's help but is too busy thinking about her friends. Someone who used to live in the Belchers' apartment visits it.
BobsBurgers 1107 Gene'sChristmasBreak B07 Promo 06 "Gene's Christmas Break" December 19, 2021 BASA07 10 226 1.604
Tina and Louise help their brother find a copy of his broken Christmas record. Bob, Linda, and Teddy do a neighborhood Secret Santa.
BobsBurgers 1110 TouchOfEval(uations) B10 Promo 03 "Touch of Eval(uations)" January 9, 2022 BASA10 11 227 1.331
Louise exploits Mr. Frond's teacher evaluation system. Bob and Linda disagree on where their final resting place should be.
BobsBurgers 1113 FerryOnMyWaywardBobandLinda B13 Promo 08 "Ferry on My Wayward Bob and Linda" February 27, 2022 BASA13 12 228 1.181
Bob and Linda go to King's Head Island for Valentine's Day (Holiday). The kids are having trouble taking advantage of Jen.
BobsBurgers 1112 FrigateMeKnot B12 Promo 01 "Frigate Me Knot" March 6, 2022 BASA12 13 229 1.150
Linda makes Teddy attend his Navy ship's farewell ceremony and face his crewmates.
BobsBurgers 1111 VideoKilledtheGeneioStar B11 Promo 09 "Video Killed the Gene-io Star" March 13, 2022 BASA11 14 230 0.949
Gene is in Courtney's music video, and Linda and Teddy think about a customer at the restaurant.
BobsBurgers 1114 AncientMisbehavin B14 Promo 01 "Ancient Misbehavin'" March 20, 2022 BASA14 15 231 1.012
Louise, Millie, and Rudy work around their teacher's Ancient Greece unit. Bob has a new room.
BobsBurgers 1115 InterviewWithAPop-PopPire B15 Promo 11 "Interview with a Pop-pop-pire" March 27, 2022 BASA15 16 232 1.049
Tina interviews Big Bob for a school project, and while waiting for him to come, the Belchers come up with stories of the one he plans to tell them.
BobsBurgers 1116 SpiderHouseRules B16 Promo 08 "The Spider House Rules" April 10, 2022 BASA16 17 233 0.875
Louise hides her spider friend from her parents, and Bob tries making a friend.
BobsBurgers 1117 ClearAndPresentGinger B17 Promo 03 "Clear and Present Ginger" April 24, 2022 BASA17 18 234 0.887
Ginger visits Linda. Nat gets Bob and his kids to help with her limo competition.
BobsBurgers 1118 ASproutABoy B18 07A 03 tk3-0550 "A-Sprout a Boy" May 1, 2022 BASA18 19 235 1.018
A vintage game distracts Gene from his school project. Tina and Louise play on Patterson Farms' kiddie ride.
BobsBurgers 1121 SauceSdieStory B21 15 08 tk1-0058 "Sauce Side Story" May 8, 2022 BASA21 20 236 0.915
The kids deal with a family feud to find a family recipe for their mom on Mother's Day.
BobsBurgers 1119 EighthGradRunner B19 08 08 tk2-0038 "Some Like It Bot Part 1: Eighth Grade Runner" May 15, 2022 BASA19 21 237 1.005
Tina becomes absorbed into her new erotic friend-fiction after Tammy and Jocelyn insult her new shirt on air.
BobsBurgers 1120 SomeLikeItBotPt.2 B20 18A 02 tk1-0167 "Some Like It Bot Part 2: Judge-bot Day" May 22, 2022 BASA20 22 238 0.926
Tina risks facing punishment to accomplish something, but her family tries to stop her.


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