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The Ninth Season of Bob's Burgers refers to the ninth broadcast season. The season started with "Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now" on September 30, 2018 and ended with "Yes Without My Zeke" on May 12, 2019.

It aired at 8:30PM ET/PT.[2]


On October 7, 2015, Bob's Burgers was renewed for its seventh and eighth production seasons, pushing enough holdover episodes to feature in a ninth broadcast season.[3] The season was officially announced by FOX on May 12, 2018.[4]

At 2018 San Diego Comic-Con, the panel aired 5 clips from the upcoming season including ones of the Halloween and Thanksgiving episodes. The episodes were "Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street," "I Bob Your Pardon," "Tweentrepreneurs," "The Fresh Princ-ipal," and "Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now."[5]

List of episodes[]

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode # Total Episode # Viewers in Millions #
BobsBurgers 806 JustOneOfTheBoyz Promo 2 005 hires2 "Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now" September 30, 2018 8ASA06 1 151 2.473
Tina infiltrates the Boyz4Now auditions to try and find the love of her life while her parents and siblings take care of Teddy's baby rat at the restaurant.
BobsBurgers 713 TheTakingOfFuntimeOneTwoThree 11 02 hires2 "The Taking of Funtime One Two Three" October 7, 2018 7ASA13 2 152 3.081
Tina, Gene, and Louise team up with Mr. Fischoeder to get the prized dune buggy at Family Funtime. Teddy tricks Bob and Linda into taking in his chicken.
BobsBurgers 809 Tweentrepreneurs 14 08-1 hires2 "Tweentrepreneurs" October 14, 2018 8ASA09 3 153 2.136
The Belcher kids join Wagstaff's Tweentrepreneurs class. Bob and Linda encounter a dine-and-dasher.
BobsBurgers 807 NighmareOnOceanStreetAvenue 09A 03-1 hires2 "Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street" October 21, 2018 8ASA07 4 154 2.797
Someone's stealing everyone's candy bags on Halloween, and the Belcher kids must find out who's doing it. Teddy competes with rivaling handyman Glenn by decorating Bob's Burgers.
BobsBurgers 811 LifeAndletFly 17A 01 hires2 "Live and Let Fly" November 4, 2018 8ASA11 5 155 3.156
The Belcher kids' plan to commit revenge against Mr. Frond puts them in the middle of a sibling rivalry between two pilots. Bob and Linda join a paper airplane contest.
BobsBurgers 812 BobbyDriver Promo 04 hires2 "Bobby Driver" November 11, 2018 8ASA12 6 156 2.226
Edith gets Bob to drive her around town for her quilting revenge, and the Belcher kids attend a birthday party themed on The Great Gatsby. Linda helps Teddy be less picky with food.
BobsBurgers 808 IBobYourPardon Promo 06 hires2 "I Bob Your Pardon" November 18, 2018 8ASA08 7 157 2.908
A reporter becomes interested in the Belcher family's plan to save a turkey.
BobsBurgers 813 Roller IhHardlyKnowHer 07 07-1 "Roller? I Hardly Know Her!" November 25, 2018 8ASA13 8 158 1.966
Alex abandons Gene to be Courtney's roller-dancing partner. Bob, Linda, and Teddy believe someone is stalking the restaurant.
BobsBurgers 814 UFONoYouDidnt Promo 05 "UFO No You Didn't" December 2, 2018 8ASA14 9 159 2.994
Tina and her science fair partner's invention, which lets them speak to aliens, alerts them to something more ominous. Bob tries to find people who'll buy the mini coatracks he purchased.
BobsBurgers 810 BetterOffSled Promo 01 "Better Off Sled" December 9, 2018 8ASA10 10 160 4.353
Tina, Gene, and Louise must drive away the teenagers who took over their sledding site. Bob helps Linda knit three scarves for Christmas.
BobsBurgers 816 LorenzosOilNoLindas11 05 "Lorenzo's Oil? No, Linda's" January 6, 2019 8ASA16 11 161 2.212
Gayle believes Linda's new friend and her essential oils might be getting her sister into trouble. Bob and Teddy must help Mr. Huggins with tedious tasks.
BobsBurgers 817 TheHelenHunt Promo 05 "The Helen Hunt" January 13, 2019 8ASA17 12 162 4.889
Tina believes there's someone better for Teddy than Helen.
BobsBurgers 815 BedBobBeyond 01C 12 "Bed, Bob & Beyond" February 10, 2019 8ASA15 13 163 1.659
When their parents have a dispute on Valentine's Day and their plans to watch a movie fail, Tina, Gene, and Louise must tell them a story to appease them.
BobsBurgers 818 EveryWhichWayButGoose Promo 02 "Every Which Way but Goose" February 17, 2019 8ASA18 14 164 2.182
Tina becomes attached to a goose after Jimmy Jr. doesn't ask her to the eighth-grade dance. Linda helps Gretchen find a date.
BobsBurgers 819 FreshPrinc-Ipal 10 01 "The Fresh Princ-ipal" March 3, 2019 8ASA19 15 165 1.983
Louise becomes Principal for a Day, and Teddy offers Bob a solution to his inability-to-flip-burgers problem.
BobsBurgers 820 RoaminBob-iday Promo 06 "Roamin' Bob-iday" March 10, 2019 8ASA20 16 166 2.001
Bob's family forbids Bob from working at the restaurant to give him a break, but he finds work at a local sandwich shop. They also throw a baby shower for a female biker group.
BobsBurgers 821 WhatAboutBlob 04 11 "What About Blob?" March 17, 2019 8ASA21 17 167 2.082
The Belcher kids save a plankton blob from the Glencrest Yacht Club.
BobsBurgers 822 IfYouLoveItSoMuchWhyDontYouMarionette Promo 05 "If You Love It So Much, Why Don't You Marionette?" March 24, 2019 8ASA22 18 168 2.028
When the kids go on a field trip to a marionette theater, Louise irritates the owner. Bob feels sorry for a person flyering in front of his restaurant ("Guy").
BobsBurgers 823 LongTimeListenerFirstTimeBob 10B 08 "Long Time Listener, First Time Bob" March 17, 2019 8ASA23 19 169 1.763
Bob meets radio DJ Clem Clements, his hero, who now works at a bowling alley. Bob helps Clements return to who he once was. After Bob gives up on incorporating sweet potato fries into the menu, Linda must keep the sweet potatoes from wasting by making pies.
BobsBurgers 824 TheGeneMile Promo 05 "The Gene Mile" April 28, 2019 8ASA24 20 170 1.843
The kids find a way to behold free-ice-cream day and skip Wagstaff's mandatory mile run. Hearing about the discount tickets for Cake at the Wharf Arts Center makes Bob and Linda determined to get tickets.
BobsBurgers 825 PTAItAintSo 08 07 "P.T.A. It Ain't So" May 5, 2019 8ASA25 21 171 1.576
The P.T.A.'s president inspires Linda to be more active in the organization. Bob feels terrible after joking with a hardware store owner about his flown-away parrot ("Mr. Kim's Parrot").
BobsBurgers 826 YesWithoutMyZeke Promo 04 "Yes Without My Zeke" May 12, 2019 8ASA26 22 172 1.484
Gene, Louise, Jimmy Jr., and an unwilling Tina help save Zeke from attending a disciplinary school instead of Wagstaff. Randy shoots his independent short feature film at Bob's Burgers.


  • On this season's DVD cover, Bob is wearing his rave outfit from "If You Love It So Much, Why Don't You Marionette?," Linda is knitting a sweater from "Better Off Sled," Tina is wearing her Dino disguise from "Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now" holding the Woodchuck from "Tweentrepreneurs" and has Bruce the Goose from "Every Which Way but Goose" on her shoulder, Gene is wearing his disguise from "What About Blob?" and is holding the mop wizard from "Roller? I Hardly Know Her!," and Louise is wearing her helmet from "Better Off Sled." In the background, there is a paper airplane from "Live and Let Fly," the netsuke from "The Helen Hunt," and the dragon puppet from "If You Love It So Much, Why Don't You Marionette?"
  • Episodes 3, 4, and 6 premiered at 8:28 finishing at 8:55 under Fox's limited commercials experiment where commercial break lengths were shortened to minute-long "JAZ ("just a-z") pods" freeing up five-and-a-half-minute slots every hour filled with branded content Fox Blocks.[6]
  • The show was due to move to 7:30 starting March 3, 2019, with Family Guy filling the 8:30 slot making way for Cosmos: Possible Worlds to air in an hour-long slot at 9:00. Cosmos was eventually pulled following a series of allegations of sexual misconduct made against host Neil deGrasse Tyson and the original time slots were reinstated for the remainder of the season.[7]
  • This will be the first season to air off-network on FXX with other seasons following later when the contracts with Adult Swim and TBS expire.[8]
  • Adult Swim eventually began airing post-season 8 episodes on October 2, 2023. Adult Swim continues to share rights to the series with FXX. Due to an error, Adult Swim aired "The Taking of Funtime One Two Three" as the season premiere, airing twice. "Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now" would air next month.
  • First season since Season 3 where all episodes have a full-length opening sequence with Stores Next Door and Pest Control Trucks.
  • First season to comprise fully of leftovers from earlier production seasons.
  • Season premiere and Holiday-themed episodes aside, all episodes aired in production order.
  • Last season where Audio Circus provides audio post-production services.


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