Bob's Burgers character
Sergeant Bosco
Sergeant Bosco
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 50s
Occupation Police Sergeant
Relatives Lillian (mother)
An unnamed brother
Behind the scenes
First "Bob Day Afternoon"
Voiced by Gary Cole

Sergeant Bosco is a police sergeant who has made several appearance in the show. He first appears in Bob Day Afternoon where he acts as a hostage negotiator to Mickey who has held the employees and customers of First Oceanside Savings Bank hostage.

He appears again in My Fuzzy Valentine where he visits the restaurant looking for a suspect spotted in the vicinity. After noticing he isn't wearing a wedding ring, Linda invites him to take part in the speed dating sessions she is holding. He later upstages Linda by getting the participants to do the opposite of expressing the best of them. Linda begins to get mad at this and steals his gun off him which results in him arresting her. She however gets let off after Louise calls in a fake tip about the aforementioned suspect.

In I Get Psy-chic Out of You he enlists Linda to solve the Little Boy Bandit case after hearing of her "psychic abilities". He does this because the captain would have him back on patrol if the case isn't solved.

He appears in an imaginary, younger form in Gene's story in Sliding Bobs where he picks Bob as his test subject for his "Robo-stache" project.


He was once married but has since divorced, he threw his wedding ring in a ravine after. ("My Fuzzy Valentine") He also mentions having kids in the same episode. He later mentions his ex-wife again in World Wharf II: The Wharfening (or How Bob Saves/Destroys the Town - Part II) when trying to solve the mysterious texts Bob has sent. He mentions drunk texting her 87 times the previous night.

He is also shown to be slightly narcissistic as when interviewed by Olsen Benner after catching the little boy bandit, he doesn't credit Bob or Linda for helping him with the case but both his guns.


Sgt. Bosco has black hair with grey sideburns, he wears a shoulder holster used to conceal his gun while wearing his brown jacket.

His sideburns are colored black in Sliding Bobs as he is appearing in a younger form in the "Robo-stache" segment of the episode.


  • Was in the Navy.
  • Is part of a secret society that hunts men for sport.
  • Is hooked on pills, "the bad kind that make you feel good."
  • His mother, Lillian, resides at the Elegant Doily Retirement Home.
  • His duty sidearm was a semi automatic pistol in Bob Day Afternoon, but he carries a revolver as his main firearm in My Fuzzy Valentine and onwards.
  • Since being introduced in Season 2 Bosco doesn't make any appearances in Seasons 5 or 7.


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