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Season 2[]

"Bob Day Afternoon"[]

Sergeant Bosco first appears in "Bob Day Afternoon" where he acts as a hostage negotiator to Mickey who has held the employees and customers of First Oceanside Savings Bank hostage.

Season 3[]

"My Fuzzy Valentine"[]

Bosco appears again in "My Fuzzy Valentine," where he visits the restaurant looking for a suspect spotted in the vicinity. After noticing he isn't wearing a wedding ring, Linda Belcher invites him to take part in the speed dating sessions she is holding. He later upstages Linda by getting the participants to do the opposite of expressing the best of them. Linda begins to get mad at this and steals his gun which results in him arresting her. She however gets let off after Louise Belcher calls in a fake tip about the aforementioned suspect.

Season 4[]

"I Get Psy-chic Out of You"[]

In "I Get Psy-chic Out of You," Sergeant Bosco is desperate to find the Little Boy Bandit or be demoted back to patrol. After hearing of Linda's recent psychic epiphany, he enlists her for help.

Season 6[]

"Sliding Bobs"[]

Bosco appears in an imaginary, younger form in Gene's story in "Sliding Bobs," where he picks Bob as his test subject for a top-secret police project. However, the story reveals that Bosco was actually Calvin Fischoeder costumed as him.

"Secret Admiral-irer"[]

The Belcher children ask for Bosco's help in "Secret Admiral-irer." They want him to assist them solve a case of theft.

Season 8[]

"The Bleakening"[]

In "The Bleakening," Bosco is on the case of several inter-working crimes that ultimately all center around an amazing Christmas secret. He later appears to go undercover (poorly so) to solve a cyber crime traced back to Bob's Burgers.

Season 9[]

"Bobby Driver"[]