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You know, I once broke my arm during a mime class in drama school. I remained perfectly silent. Stuck inside that damn box.
- Shinji Kojima

Shinji "Koji" Kojima is an actor who is known for portraying the character "Rising Hawk" in the Hawk and Chick series of films made in Japan. He makes his first appearance in "Hawk & Chick" and his only other appearance in "The Hawkening: Look Who's Hawking Now!"

He is voiced by Keisuke Hoashi.



He is slightly shorter than Linda Belcher.


Kojima has had difficulty expressing himself with his family, ultimately falling away from his daughter Yuki for 30 years. However, he has been shown to be willing to put in the work after Yuki becomes a mother and wants to be a part of their lives.

Koji is shown to be jovial, outgoing and kind, but also likes to mess with people. During his first meeting with Louise and Bob, he attacked them with a broom before admitting he was joking and quickly befriended the two and showed gratitude when he realized they were fans of his movies.

He gets emotional easy, especially when his daughter is mentioned because of their strained relationship or when something he's ashamed of is brought into the picture.


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He arrives in Ocean Avenue in "Hawk & Chick," hoping to reconnect with his daughter, Yuki Kojima, who played Chick in the film series and moved to America with her mother after Shinji's divorce.



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