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I may have a tattoo of a dagger stabbing a heart going up into his skull and it says 'dead inside,' but I have feelings, you know!?
- Short Carnie

"Short Carnie" is a carnie who works at Wonder Wharf. He first appears in The Bob's Burgers Movie.



As implied by his name, he has a short stature, being only about two heads taller than Louise without her hat. He also has black hair with a widow's peak—either that, or he's balding. He has stubble and a lot of body hair in every place visible, even around his stomach, which protrudes from his shirt. On his right shoulder, he has a tattoo of a dagger stabbing a heart inside a skull's mouth that says "Dead Inside" (stylized in all uppercase) at the top.


There's not a lot known about him. He may be a very loyal and prideful person because of how much he defended his himself and his other carnie fellows, but that applies for the other carnies. He's into roughhousing, similar to Zeke, and in the background, he is fighting one of the other carnies playing Lucky Ducky.



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