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Simon Chong (born July 24, 1985)[1] is the current supervising director on Bob's Burgers.

Archer/Bob's Burgers crossover[]

In 2017, Chong created an Archer/Bob's Burgers using his own animation along with edited animation from Bob's Burgers episodes and audio from both series. After viewing the video creator Loren Bouchard offered Chong a job on the show which he later accepted.


Chong was a storyboard artist for both parts of "The Bleakening" and was later a retake storyboard artist, assistant retakes director, and retakes director the first eleven episodes in the 9ASA production season.[2] He has also drawn several table read script covers.[3]

In 2019, Chong was promoted to director for the AASA production season.[4]

In 2021, Chong was promoted to supervising director for the CASA production season.[5]

Other Work[]

Chong also did some animation on a few Central Park episodes and storyboarded the title sequence for The Great North[6]


  • Appears in the background in the opening scene of his directorial debut, "Dream a Little Bob of Bob."
  • While directing episodes, Chong created crew drawings for every episode he directed including himself and other crew members with elements from the respective episodes.

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