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Skating Roller Rink is a roller rink.

It first appears in "Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting" where Louise, Wayne, Tina, Gene, Jonas and Tammy go to find Vanessa who had gone there with some of her friends and sold Princess Little Piddles for $40 to Yuli, the security guard.

The place is a key location in "Roller? I Hardly Know Her!" where Courtney Wheeler and her new roller dance partner, Alex Papasian, train for a competition also hosted at the rink.

The Whip[]

The Whip is where all of the skaters join arms and skate around in a big half circle. The lights strobe and they cause Princess Little Piddles to have a seizure, and, as a result of trying to protect Princess Little Piddles, Wayne gets hit by the Whip and throws up on the floor which Vanessa skates towards and slips on.