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Spencer Blankenship is a dance instructor at the Henry Hackenbush Recreation Center. He hosts two-day seminars for teenagers who want to be backup dancers, and people flock to his class after one of his former students, Declan Duggan, became renowned for backup dancing for Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine. According to Jimmy Jr., he's the "top modern dance instructor of this century."


Spencer is a white male with circular glasses and a little long nose. He has brown hair, a beard and big ears. He's likely in his 40s since he has crow's feet and his receding hairline.


Spencer is very demeaning, and the only person he seems to respect is his former student, Declan Duggan. He calls most of his students insulting names, and because people wish to be in his class to be like Declan Duggan, he thinks his behavior is acceptable. Not only does Spencer not care if his students cry at night, but he finds it natural and expects all of his students to do so.


At some point, he taught Declan Duggan, and the latter became a famous backup dancer. More students likely attended his classes after this.

When Jimmy Jr. rebelled against Spencer and started dancing of his free will, it was probably the first time someone didn't do what he said since he didn't know how to handle Jimmy Jr.'s defiance.