Bob's Burgers character
Tabitha Johansson-2
Tabitha Johansson
Gender Female
Hair Pink
Age 37
Occupation Musician
Behind the scenes
First "Food Truckin'"
Voiced by Megan Mullally

Tabitha Johansson is a singer/songwriter who headlines the concert part of the Lolla-pa-foods-a food festival in Food Truckin'. She performs the song "Oil Spill" and though its lyrics appear to be about an actual oil spill, from her performance it's fairly obvious that she is singing about her vagina. Following her performance she introduces the festival's chairman, Paul Blinkman to announce the food truck winner.

Later in the episode, she appears to be aroused by the crowds "energy" while jeering Bob's Burgers winning best food truck. While they are later rioting, she lights her piano stool on fire. On the End Credits Sequence, she sings a longer version of "Oil Spill".


  • FOX incorrectly spelled Tabitha's last name twice. The first time it was mentioned as being "Johnson", and later "Johanssen." The credits of Food Truckin later showed that neither of the last names were right, but it was "Johansson."
  • Based on her name, piano playing style, and song subject matter, her character is a clear parody of the singer Tori Amos.
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