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Not to be confused with Tammy.

- Tammy Larsen

Tammy Larsen is an eighth-grade student at Wagstaff School who arrives as a new student in "Bad Tina." She's part of Tina Belcher's friend group, but she and Tina are more like rivals than friends. Her best friend is Jocelyn, who often follows her around. She believes she's the "hottest girl" in her grade,[2] and her ego frequently causes disagreements between her and Tina.

She is voiced by Jenny Slate.



Tammy is usually seen wearing a pink shirt with the right sleeve pulled down to reveal her shoulder, black pants and blue shoes. She wears heavy green eyeshadow and pink lipgloss. In "Mazel Tina," she wears a bright blue party dress with heels and silver jewelry. In "The Runway Club," she wears a sparkly purple gel bracelet and models an outfit made of paper. Though this image depicts Tammy as being 4'8," she is usually shown to be barely taller than Louise. As of "Some Like It Bot Part 1: Eighth Grade Runner," she now wears braces but these are only visible in a couple of smiling photos.

Tammy's natural hair color is brown which she is shown with in "Bad Tina," but in all later episodes, her hair is blonde. She and Tina both mention the change in "Broadcast Wagstaff School News," but it's not fully established until "Sit Me Baby One More Time" that she dyes her hair and that blonde isn't her natural color. She wears a purple headband to hide her "dirty roots" in that episode. Promo images from "Bad Tina" depict Tammy with blonde hair like in later episodes, but it appears brown in the aired episode.


Tammy can be described as a typical mean popular girl, she is obsessed with appearance and popularity. In typical teen girl fashion, she is also shown to have a strong desire to be an "adult," often trying to act older and project a mature persona.

She also refuses to invite Tina to her Bar Mitzvah in "Mazel Tina." Nonetheless, Tina begs Bob to cater the party, to Bob's annoyance. Tina ends up stealing Tammy's spotlight after the latter is trapped along with Louise inside a giant replica of Tammy's head. After seeing Tina doing the things she was supposed to do, Tammy becomes furious and has a tantrum. Even before this, she was shown to be micromanaging everything and treated the caterers with no respect, alongside her anxious assistant Janet, who was terrified of Tammy. Despite her attempts to act mature, she fails to recognize that people dislike her because of her attitude, such as not noticing that Bob was annoyed at her when he sarcastically called her a "wonderful little girl."

Tammy sabotages Tina's chances at making the Wagstaff School News anchor, winning herself the recurring role in the series ("Broadcast Wagstaff School News") alongside her best friend, Jocelyn. Though both often tease or gang up against Tina, Tammy also treats Jocelyn poorly; insulting her, spreading gossip about her and making Jocelyn do things for her.

Despite Tammy's mean spirited and snobby nature, she is popular among the Wagstaff student body. For this reason, Tina feels the need to be kind to or friends with Tammy. However, in the later seasons, Tina started to see how horrible Tammy is and now have no problem standing up to her and insulting her back.



Mr. Larsen[]

It is shown that Tammy's father spoils her and is a bit intimidated by her, shown with how he will blow-dry and detangle her hair after a shower so often to the point she expects it of others. However, he also does not seem to care as much as about Tammy, such as not bothering to look for when she went missing at her bat mitzvah for what was assumed to be "Tammy time" and lookin to stay on a cruise drinking than taking a helicopter back to the mainland when Tammy was left behind (while telling Bob he gets airsick).

Mrs. Larsen[]


Tammy appears to have a distant relationship with her great-aunt Frida, having to be told from a sheet Frida's name and info for small talk (such as the latter's hip surgery).

Love interests[]


In "Mazel Tina," Tammy plans to pick Justin as her partner for the Ladies' choice dance, since he's "the cutest boy in Hebrew school." Sadly, Tammy has to watch Tina take her place in the dance from above where she is trapped in a giant replica of her own head.


After she misses her spring break cruise ship, Tammy is moved to tears at the thought of staying with the Belchers and working at Bob's Burgers for the week. Brett notices her sobbing in the restaurant and comforts her. He tells her he is visiting form Bethesda and he thinks she's different. They exchange numbers. Tammy has a hard time expressing herself in her texts, so she delegates the task of talking to him to Tina. This gets the two into trouble when Brett wants to take Tammy on a date to Fro-Yo-Momma, and she must rely on Tina to tell her what to say in their conversation. Later, Brett shows up at Tina's window and has a deep conversation with a girl who he thinks is Tammy, but who is really Tina. He and Tammy then Kiss for a long time, loudly. Tina confesses to Tammy that she, too, has feelings for Brett, and he ultimately discovers that the girls have been tricking him at the end of the episode. Tammy encourages the two to be together, since she thinks they both make her tired.



Tammy's best friend. Jocelyn usually agrees with Tammy on everything even though the two argue multiple times. Jocelyn often wants to be like Tammy, but falls short due to Tammy's arrogance.

The Belchers[]

Tina and Tammy have a constantly fluctuating relationship dynamic. In large group settings they are usually friends or acquaintances. But when one on one or in smaller groups they tend to clash, with Tammy being mean to Tina or Tammy tricking Tina. Sometimes they become rivals, usually over a boy, but sometimes over an activity like babysitting. Although Tina usually remains friendly or cordial with Tammy, there are times where she openly insults her when it becomes obvious she has been pushed too far. Tammy's dyed hair is often the source of Tina's insults. In the rare occasions that Tammy learns her lesson and apologizes to Tina, Tina is happy and clings to the idea of their friendship. But, Tammy frequently betrays trust that they had built up.

Due to her demeaning and mean-spirited nature, in particular how she treats Tina, none of the Belchers like her; often times, Louise is the first to call her out on her issues and frequently tells her she's a horrible person ("The Runway Club", "Mazel Tina", "Ex MachTina"). Both Linda and Bob recognize that Tammy is spoiled and that she's a poor friend to Tina, often encouraging Tina to find friends who treat her better. When Tammy stayed with the Belchers after being left behind by her parents, Bob and Linda were hospitable, but quickly became resentful and angry at the bratty teen for being ungrateful and selfish ("Sleeping with the Frenemy"). Gene has had little interaction with Tammy, although he seems relatively friendly with her as opposed to the other members of the family. Tammy's interactions with him make it clear that she thinks Gene is dim-witted and lazy, although Gene never fights back against her insults towards him. Nevertheless, Gene has personally said that Tammy does not have the right to mess with Tina, indicating that he will always have Tina's back. ("Bad Tina")

Jimmy Pesto, Jr.[]


Tammy's romantic interest in Zeke lasts the course of her first appearance in "Bad Tina." In the episode, Tammy flirts with Zeke and breaks rules to impress him. Assumedly, Zeke's romantic interest in Tammy ends when she embarrasses herself by farting in front of the entire school at the end of the episode. Zeke continues to hang out with Tammy though in the group consisting of him, Jimmy Jr, Jocelyn, and sometimes Tina.


Other media


  1. s4e13 "Mazel Tina" Tammy becomes thirteen and hosts her bat mitzvah.
  2. s5e15 "Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting" Tammy says she's the "hottest girl in eighth grade.


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