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Bob's Burgers[]

Season 2[]

This is giving me a snore-gasm.
Don't have a crap attack.

Season 3[]

Uh, I was born lucky, Tina. 'Cause I was born me and not you.

Season 4[]

You're such a locker stalker.
Don't be such a rhymin' hymen, Tina.
Why don't you two nerds go have wizard babies?"
Don't be such a tattle-tampon.
That is literally the stupidest thing that anyone has ever said in the history of mankind. EVER!
Your single, White, female sister is out of control!
I feel that I hate Jocelyn because I'm the hot one, and she's the not one.

Season 5[]

You're totally lying, and lying is bad for your skin.
What do you maxi-sads want?
Anything that's not a dog is a cat to me.

Season 6[]

Ugh, Tina, you're being a smell-entine.
I get to first. And I want a reward for being brave, like a smoothie or a Prius.
Yeah, don't get your boobs in a bunch.
Geez, Tina, you're such a horse-ass-kiss-perer.

Season 7[]

Ugh, Tina, you're such a goody two boobs.

Season 8[]

— her scrapped text to Brett, "Sleeping with the Frenemy"
Ugly people. Are... bad?

Season 9[]

Season 10[]

Season 11[]

Aww, don't be goth. You're already so sad.

Season 12[]

You can go ahead and drown that puppy because you are not using it in the show. I'm sorry I said that thing about drowning puppies. Susmita's the one who brought up puppies. It's her fault.

Season 13[]

Other media[]