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  • She has appeared in every season except Season 1. However, her appearances have been more limited in recent seasons, with her only having a speaking role in a single episode of both Seasons 13 and 14.
  • In "Bad Tina," she is shown to have brown hair. In later episodes, her design is changed to her having blond hair. It's explained that this is because she now dyes it.
  • In "Mazel Tina," it is revealed that she is Jewish. It is possible that her family is interfaith, or that her father was not born Jewish, as "Larsen" is not a traditionally Jewish name and is usually associated with Scandinavia.
  • She considers herself the hottest girl in 8th grade. ("Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting")
  • Gene thought she was somebody’s mom. (“Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting”)
  • She is a member of the Wagstaff Whalers cheerleading squad. ("Gene It On")
  • She farts when she is nervous ("Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting"). In fact, she farts a lot even when not nervous, and has been heard, seen, or mentioned to fart many times throughout the show. She seems to have trouble controlling her farts.
  • Jocelyn says that if you breathe in her farts, you'll die, but she contests, saying, "That hasn't been proven 100%". ("Gene It On")
  • She wears contact lenses, but has a pair of glasses in case she runs out. ("Sleeping with the Frenemy")
  • Her father blow-dries her hair for her. ("Sleeping with the Frenemy")
  • Her favorite Boyz4Now member is Allen. ("Bye Bye Boo Boo")
  • She's allergic to shellfish. ("Wag the Song")
  • She doesn't understand analog clocks. ("Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting")