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Teddy's Apartment is a duplex where Teddy lives.


His apartment is on the second floor. It contains a living room, dining room, kitchen, and three other unidentified rooms (Two of which are presumably Teddy's bedroom and the bathroom.) The kitchen has a back door with stairs leading down to the ally. There is also a garage where Teddy lets the Belcher kids keep their bikes, as seen in "Bob Fires the Kids".


  • It first appears in "Full Bars" where it is the site for Teddy's "black and orange" party.
  • The kitchen appears briefly as Teddy watches the Belchers on Family Fracas! in the episode of the same name.
  • Its next major appearance is "Thanks-hoarding" where the Belchers help Teddy prepare for thanksgiving, only to find out he's a hoarder.
  • In "The Bleakening", Teddy stakes out front of his apartment in an inflatable Santa decoration to find out who's been stealing all the presents.