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She is the mother of Teddy. She is often the reason for Teddy's absence during episodes as he is off helping her do something. She is first mentioned in "Gayle Makin' Bob Sled," and she makes a non-speaking appearance in "Loft in Bedslation."

She is unvoiced.


Season 6[]

Season 7[]

Season 8[]

  • Thanks-hoarding - Teddy is hosting Thanksgiving for his family, which included his mother. He also talked about how he used to sit between his mother and father to keep them from fighting.
  • Are You There Bob? It's Me, Birthday - Teddy goes with his mother to a "silence retreat".

Season 12[]

  • Loft in Bedslation - Teddy is in Canada helping his mother transport a motorcycle she bought on Canadian-Ebay. She makes her first physical appearance in this episode riding on the motorcycle.
  • A-Sprout a Boy - Teddy goes to the beach with his mother.
  • Sauce Side Story - Teddy talks about taking his mother to a tattoo-removal store to get her tattoo of cards removed. This all took place during Mother's Day. She wanted this done because she got into a few with her "card-buddies". For the rest of the episode, Teddy focused on communicating with his mom over the phone about the tattoo's removal.



Teddy is often said to be handing out with his mother. The two live a long distance from each other, so whenever Teddy goes to visit, he is unable to help the Belchers with their problems. Teddy doesn't believe that his mother "respects herself", but still lets her do whatever she wants. As the two are not often heard talking to each other, it is unknown what their dynamic is like.

Teddy's Father[]

Teddy's Mother did not get along with Teddy's biological father. The two were said to often fight, causing Teddy to sit between them so that they would stop. Eventually, the two divorced.


  • In Thanks-hoarding, it was revealed that Teddy's mother has a boyfriend that Teddy didn't know they name of. He and his sister refer to him as her “boy-toy”.
  • In the episode Aquaticism, Teddy mentions how his mother is partially blind.
  • It was revealed in Sauce Side Story that she is covered in tattoos.