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From left to right: Girl number three, Misty Gish and Dottie Minerva

The Cutie Patooties are a girl group that Gene puts together in "The Kids Run the Restaurant."


Gene puts forward the idea of the group together at lunchtime to four girls at Wagstaff School after finding some wigs in the trash. One objects and Gene successfully recruits the three remaining girls.


Their first performance is at the newly established "Meatgrinder" casino in the basement of Bob's Burgers, Misty Gish is assigned to sing lead vocals by Gene. They fail to rehearse before the show and don't know how to perform the song "Girls Being Girls". At their second performance in the same venue, Girl #3 volunteers to sing and pulls it off successfully.


They announce their breakup to Gene as they want to do other things. Gene is distraught as he was getting them an MP3 deal and a perfume called Patoots with the strapline "Smells like girl farts". Gene goes on to perform "Girls being girls" solo while dressed as a member of the group.