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Differences from the actual episode[]

  • The animation is clearly cruder than the final cut, along with the characters having longer noses.
  • Bob wears a white tank top, while in the series, he wears a white shirt.
  • Daniel Belcher appears before the show's staff decided to replace him with Tina.
  • The menu on the wall opposite the counter lists "Burger, Double, Special, Cheese, Fries, Onion Rings. In the actual series, the same menu is drawn differently, and lists "Regular, Special, Cheese, Fries, Side Salad, Soft Drink, Beer.
  • Before the demo, the Belchers were going to be cannibals. FOX loved everything about the show except for the cannibalism, so it was worked out later.
  • A different teacher appears in the flashback to Louise's show and tell to Ms. LaBonz.
  • The intro has slower animation.
  • The intro shows the same opening gags as in Human Flesh, but drawn differently.
  • Before the demo, Jay Howell had his art featured in a test animation based on Bob forgetting about his and Linda's wedding anniversary.
  • In the Jay Howell animation, Bob exclaims the word "shit" without it being censored.
  • Cut from the episode, Gene drops the samples when the mourning lady leaves and comes back to kick him onto the ground. In the actual episode, she only flips the pan of samples.
  • The free sample burgers in The Demo are plain, while in Human Flesh they have condiments.
  • Hugo's health inspector badge is different.
  • Everything from after the lady screams about the human flesh poster up to Bob talking to the restaurant is not there.
  • The episode ends after the exotic eaters go in Bob's restaurant.
  • The credits have more color.
  • The Bob's Burgers sign is different, being a bit more slanted and bigger with a different font.
  • Lines are changed, such as when they put there hands in and they say "Re-Re-Reopening", it is changed to "Let's sell some burgers!"