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Mud Stains

Band logo.

The Mud Stains is a band that feature in "These Boots Are Made for Stalking." Tina tries to get into them to try and connect with Sage and her friends.


  • "Middle Finger"
  • "I Hate Waiting for Crap to Happen"
  • A third song either performed by the band or performed in their style by the real musicians called "Pshew, Pshew, Pshew, Wafty, Wafty, Wafty," based on dialog spoken earlier by Gene and Louise plays over the end credits for "These Boots Are Made for Stalking."


  • The members of the band are unseen and their identities are unknown.
  • The song "Middle Finger" was released as a single the day after "These Boots Are Made for Walking" premiered.
  • They play a sold-out show at The Odeon.