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Thundergirls are an organization of girl scouts that are divided into troops. The organization first appears in "A River Runs Through Bob" where Tina is revealed to be a member. The kids later encounter Troop 39 who won the regional chant-off in the woods when they are looking for Bob and Linda.

The organization appears again as part of the plot of "Tina Tailor Soldier Spy" where Tina quits her troop and is invited back to find a mole that has infiltrated he troop, which is later revealed to be Rena. Louise joins the troop to assist her, but later defects to troop 257.



The Thundergirls uniform consists of a blue shirt, a navy blue sash and navy blue shorts. Additionally, in "A River Runs Through Bob" and on the script cover for "Tina Tailor Soldier Spy", the uniform also had a yellow neckerchief, but this doesn't appear in the actual episode and in their next appearance in "Secret Admiral-irer".


Their activities are analogous with girl scout activities. They include selling cookies, hiking and hair braiding.


Troop 39

None of their members or the scout leader were named in "A River Runs Through Bob".

Troop 119

Leader - Ginny

Troop 257

Leader - Bethany

Troop unknown

Former Members