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Is it bad to be attracted to a cartoon fox that you don't even know that well?
- Tina Belcher

Tina Ruth[17] Belcher is the first child and oldest daughter of Bob and Linda Belcher and the older sister of Gene and Louise Belcher. She is a hopeless romantic yet easily influenced person with a powerful sex drive and minimal social skills. She likes horses, butts, zombies, boys, and writing erotic fiction about movies and her life. She attends Wagstaff School with her siblings as an eighth-grader.

She is voiced by Dan Mintz.



Like the rest of her family, Tina has tan skin, brown eyes, and a black bowl cut with a yellow barrette on the right side, except when she operates as her alter ego, Dina ("Food Truckin'"). Like Linda Belcher, Tina's eyesight is poor, and she wears glasses to correct the problem. Her height is 4'9" - 4'11".[18]

Her usual attire is a light blue T-shirt, a navy blue skirt, white tube socks with a red stripe, and black high-top sneakers that resemble Chuck Taylor All-Stars. In more formal situations, Tina wears a purple dress and black shoes. She sleeps in a slightly oversized lavender T-shirt with grey bottoms and occasionally baby blue slippers.

Tina wears a purple sweater over her usual blue skirt for cold weather. Sometimes, she wears leggings underneath, mainly when it's winter. Tina occasionally accessorizes with a scarf. She may periodically replace her sweater with a cardigan.

For winter specifically, Tina wears a purple puffer jacket. Most of the time, she wears pink snow pants instead of her everyday skirt. She describes her snow pants as a "little tight," and it gives her a wedgie ("Show Mama from the Grave"). In later episodes, Tina wears a periwinkle shirt underneath her jacket.

When out at night in "The Land Ship," while playing Cupid in "The Gene and Courtney Show," and while at horse camp in "The Horse Rider-er," she wears long blue pants instead of her skirt.

When Tina's performing her hall monitor duties at Wagstaff, she wears an orange safety vest with "Hall Monitor" on the backside over her regular clothing.


Tina's personality is a quirky "every-girl" transitioning from childhood to adolescence. The child in her still clings to her love for horses, rainbows, and zombies, but the inner teenager in her calls her to fantasize about zombies making out (which she claims is caused by seeing "Night of the Living Dead" at too young an age), and writing her feelings/activities in her diary. She also writes erotic fiction about her friends, acquaintances, and other people's works, and she constantly thinks about her primary crush, Jimmy Pesto, Jr.. Tina develops fleeting infatuations on anyone she deems cute--including an entire baseball team of twenty-five.

Tina's diary entry s9e14 Every Which Way but Goose

Tina's diary entry about Bruce the Goose. ("Every Which Way but Goose")

A defining aspect of Tina's personality is her intense, advanced interest in sex and relationships. Most of the time, they're innocent, age-appropriate interests, but sometimes, she crushes on adults much older than her, though the adults don't reciprocate Tina's feelings. An even more extreme deviation is when she becomes infatuated with animals. Though this is because Jimmy Jr. broke her heart, she fell in love with a goose and wrote about wanting to have multiple babies with it ("Every Which Way but Goose"). At other points, Tina has fallen for a supposed "ghost" named Jeff that resides in a shoebox ("Tina and the Real Ghost"), the voice of a teenage boy named Rodrigo that was part of a Spanish learning tape ("Y Tu Tina También"), and a cartoon drawing of a fox scientist in a magazine ("Steal Magazine-olias"). These crushes (both on boys and otherwise) can lead to obsessiveness if not put in check, and as a result, her family often have to step in and help her get through these feelings, preferably in a way that will spare Tina more heartbreak. Ignoring these extreme moments, the extent of her precociousness is being a boy-crazy teen with a love of butts.

Tina's undoubted boy craziness is a plot element in many episodes, often getting her into zany situations chasing unrequited or even oblivious crushes. The issue is addressed directly in "Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now." At first Tina denies being boy-crazy, but she eventually accepts it as nothing to be ashamed of.

Tina moaning and letting her head slam into the table. ("V for Valentine-detta")

Tina is very well-intentioned, but she's very socially awkward. When voting on who would serve a customer they thought was a child molester in "Human Flesh," Bob says they shouldn't let Tina serve him because she is bad with customers. Louise says it isn't her fault because she's autistic, but Bob quickly says Tina isn't autistic. Tina displays poor social skills like prolonged groaning, hiding under tables, naivety, muted emotional expression, speaking in a monotone, being susceptible to lies or not understanding insults, and taking things too literally. For example, she believes Louise when her younger sister makes up a fake diary by someone named "Guy Handsometeen" ("Just the Trip"). Tina is known for groaning when she's nervous. When something serious happens, Tina hyperventilates, chanting "HUH" until she calms down. Tina also known for being interested in very few things, with many being weird or abnormal. Despite having little, she's very passionate about her interests. They include:

  • Boys, especially Jimmy Jr.
  • Butts, especially Jimmy Jr.'s
  • Horses
  • Zombies
  • Boyz4Now
  • Writing "erotic friend-fiction"
  • Rainbows

Despite her limited interests, she is often willing to try new things or experiences, regardless of how well she does. These include trying out for the cheerleading squad, auditioning for anchor at her school's broadcasting team or for a school musical. Even when she's not successful in these endeavors, she often remembers these experiences with fondness rather than disappointment.

Tina showing her "cheer" to her family. ("Gene It On")

Also, Tina doesn't express emotions very clearly. Even when times are rough for Tina, and she's under tremendous amounts of (often self-induced) pressure, her voice is always flat and without inflection. Louise calls Tina's voice "tone-deaf" ("Wag the Song"). Even her groans sound disinterested.

Tina has a strong conscience and a sense of right and wrong. She believes in following rules and is conscious of how her actions affect others. When she crashes a car, she helps Bob lie to an insurance company and then accidentally burns down a man's house in "Tinarannosaurus Wrecks." After all this, Tina is consumed with guilt until she convinces Bob to tell the truth. She explains to Bob that, like her mother, Linda, she is terrible at keeping secrets. Linda blurts everything out without thinking, while Tina cracks easily under pressure and feels guilty about lying to others. Tina also tries to help her siblings by stopping them from doing the wrong thing. When Louise tries getting Mr. Frond to break up with Gayle, she convinces Louise not to mess with their relationship.

Tina being aggressive to everyone at school. ("Teen-a Witch")

Despite this, Tina has moments of extreme selfishness, often leading to getting swept up in something. She prioritizes her wants at the expense of other people's feelings and will even display cognitive dissonance when someone points out her selfish behavior. Regardless, she is, at heart, a good person who eventually recognizes her bad behavior and makes amends. As Bob and Linda's oldest child, they expect her to be the responsible child. They (sometimes) trust Tina to babysit, like in "Weekend at Mort's," and Tina always tries to protect Gene and Louise. Tina also sometimes acts like the third adult in the family. When Bob and Linda couldn't attend Louise's poetry reading, Tina went instead ("The Plight Before Christmas"). As their sibling, Tina knows more about her siblings than their parents do, but as the oldest child, Tina can be just as responsible as them.

Tina regretting shaving her legs. ("Mother Daughter Laser Razor")

Tina sometimes displays quite a bit of confidence and self-worth and often learns lessons about self-esteem during the Belchers' family adventures. For example, Tina initially conforms to the peer pressure of shaving her legs but regrets it when she reflects on how she did it for the wrong reasons ("Mother Daughter Laser Razor"). After discussing self-confidence with her dad, Tina says that she believed she was beautiful and became so and that he should do the same. She considers herself a "smart, strong, sensual woman" and embraces her transition into adulthood ("The Belchies").

Despite having trouble with math in "Can't Buy Me Math" as well as Spanish, Tina is shown as a good student and a "Star Hall Monitor" ("Midday Run"). She loves to write, often in her diary, and has written so much fan-fiction that she now writes "erotic friend-fiction", which stars her friends and erotic holiday stories. According to Louise in "Sheesh! Cab, Bob?," Tina is "better on the page." Tina's diary is often up to date and very descriptive, yet creative at the same time. School counselor Mr. Frond generally seems to prefer Tina over Gene or Louise as she takes her duties seriously and is less likely to cause trouble, although Tina's feelings towards Frond are often not as favorable.


Baby Tina

Baby Tina with young Bob and Linda. ("Hamburger Dinner Theater")

Main article: Tina Belcher/Story

Tina is the oldest child of Bob and Linda. Her siblings are Gene and Louise. She's always had terrible vision and wore glasses since she was a baby ("Wharf Horse"). She's the first child of Bob and Linda. Her parents had some uncertainties when raising Tina, like how Bob let Tina watch a zombie horror movie with him when she was only eight ("Crawl Space"). Bob also let her ride on a carousel with hideously ugly horses, but it helped ignite her everlasting obsession with horses. Tina has a huge crush on Jimmy Pesto Jr., the eldest son of her dad's mortal enemy, Jimmy Pesto, who runs Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria across the street. She also has a crush on every other middle school boy and likes to write about her crushes in erotic friend fiction. As the first child of the Belchers, Tina has additional responsibilities in the restaurant, like flipping burgers and sharpening knives. She also wants to grow up as fast as possible and wants her place at the adult's table.



Bob being there for Tina's first horse love. ("Wharf Horse").

Bob Belcher[]

I don't like any of you. Except, maybe Tina.

Tina takes her more reserved and cautious nature from her father, Bob. Bob believes that Tina is awkward ("Sheesh! Cab, Bob?"), especially regarding what she calls her "budding sexuality" ("Crawl Space"). However, so does everyone else in the family, and he still accepts and encourages his older daughter. Bob supports her eccentricities—or at least tolerates them—like her obsession with horses. Examples of this are how he put aside fixing the restaurant's fry machine to get Tina to horse camp ("The Horse Rider-er") or how he dressed up as an 'Equesticle' to retrieve Tina's limited horse figure ("The Equestranauts"). Like Gene and Louise, Tina says numerous vulgar, lewd things. Bob knows she isn't ill-intentioned like the rest of his kids, so he doesn't scold her as much.

Belchers Gayle Teddy Mort s4e5 Turkey in a Can

Bob mistaking a turkey for Tina. ("Turkey in a Can")

The two are close, often opening up to one another in private about feelings or problems. Since Tina is the oldest, Bob likes to put Tina through the rituals he went through growing up. Like how Big Bob taught Bob how to drive in empty parking lots, Bob did, or tried, the same for Tina ("Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks"), or how they also watched an old movie Bob saw together ("Vampire Disco Death Dance"). He also likes cooking with Tina since she's the only kid he trusts to flip burgers. Bob envisions them flipping burgers for the rest of their life ("Sexy Dance Fighting"). Sometimes, Bob is resistant to Tina growing up ("Sexy Dance Fighting" & "Turkey in a Can"), and he sometimes feels like Tina doesn't need him anymore. In "Turkey in a Can," Tina's dad started dreaming about the time he potty-trained Tina after Tina started doing 'mature' things to sit at the grown-up table for Thanksgiving. In "Motor, She Boat," Tina doesn't want Bob to help her build their boat for the Thundergirls' father-daughter cardboard boat race, and she casts him aside as the ruthless members of Troop 257 did to their dads. However, Tina always regrets treating Bob terribly because she knows she still has something to learn from him, and they make up every time.

He probably trades the most secrets to Tina out of his other children. In "Tina-rannosaurus Wrecks," they both (try to) hide that he let Tina drive his car and that she's the one that crashed into Jimmy Pesto's car, not him. In "The Hormone-iums," Tina tells her father about a secret kissing party Jocelyn's hosting. Tina worries the most about how other people perceive her out of the three Belcher children, so Bob offers her the most advice ("Mother Daughter Laser Razor," "Vampire Disco Death Dance," & "The Hormone-iums").

Linda and Tina hugging Bad Tina s2e8

"(singsongy) My Teeny Tina" ("Bad Tina")

Linda Belcher[]

I just wish you could see what I see. Then you'd know how great and cool and interesting you are.

Linda is, at times, an overly enthusiastic, supportive parent to Tina, but she's like this with the rest of her children. Like Bob, she's worried about Linda growing up, and the two conflict over this issue throughout the series for several reasons, including Tina breaking the rules and Linda trying to insert herself. In "The Grand Mama-pest Hotel," Linda tries acting like a "cool mom" because of her fear that Tina is growing away from her. Linda also reads Tina's diary to confirm she isn't on drugs ("Sheesh! Cab, Bob?"), but the whole family reads Tina's diary, and sometimes, Tina narrates her entries aloud.

Linda and Louise helping Tina cheat on her book report. ("Li'l Hard Dad")

Despite Linda constantly embarrassing her, Tina still loves her mom. They like doing stuff without the rest of the family, like going to a grand hotel together to use its fancy bathrooms ("Eat, Spray, Linda"). In "Yurty Rotten Scoundrels," Tina is the only child of Linda's who wants to help her help Gayle. Like Bob, Tina seeks help from Linda, though Linda's advice sometimes needs to be more helpful. In "L'il Hard Dad," Tina's mom and sister try to help her cheat on her book report even though she doesn't want to.

Maybe it's because she grew up with Gayle, but Linda encourages Tina's boy crushes and infatuations more than Bob. When Tina planned to dress up as a boy to enter a boys-only convention, Linda supported this more than Bob ("Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now"). However, Linda doesn't like Jimmy Pesto Jr. for constantly hurting Tina's feelings. In "V for Valentine-detta," when Jimmy Pesto Jr. breaks Tina's heart, Linda wants a girl's night out with her, Tina, and Louise to get her over Jimmy Jr. However, when Linda learned what Jimmy Jr. did to make Tina upset, she took revenge on Jimmy Jr. for what he did to her daughter. While Tina doesn't do it in this episode, Tina usually blows up at Linda if Linda wants Tina to do something that would harm her relationship with Jimmy Jr. In "Ex Mach Tina," Linda wants her to go to school instead of using a remote robot, but Tina believes Jimmy Jr. only liked Tina as a robot and gets mad at her mom.

Linda is also the first one to support Tina's eccentricities. She had to convince Bob to dress up as an 'Equesticle' and infiltrate an Equestranauts convention to retrieve Tina's horse figurine that another Equesticle stole ("The Equestranauts"). Her mom also supported her short interest in capoeira, even though her dad wanted to stop her from going to the capoeira studio ("Sexy Dance Fighting").

Tina and Gene s6e9 Sacred Couch high chairs

Tina and Gene after betting they could sit in high chairs. ("Sacred Couch")

Gene Belcher[]


Gene Belcher is two years younger than his sister Tina, but the two get along well and spend most of their time together with Louise, both in and out of school. Tina rarely invites them to hang out with her and her older friends, but he usually tags along with Louise anyway, which doesn't bother Tina.

Gene usually talks to Louise more than Tina. When Louise is busy with something, they talk to each other just fine. In "Housetrap," they entertain themselves by commenting on everyone else's hair while Linda and Louise determine if someone is a murderer. They like telling each other things and keeping secrets between themselves, like how they were both eating cat food ("There's No Business Like Mr. Business") or how Gene has a secret cat under in bed ("My Big Fat Greek Bob"). However, sometimes, he gets bored of Tina, like in "Weekend at Mort's," when Tina is the babysitter and she is trying to entertain Gene and Louise.

Gene accepting Tina's apology. ("Midday Run")

When Louise is manipulating Tina, Gene is on Louise's side. In "Bad Tina," he and Louise hid in her closet and caught her bringing boys over when their parents weren't home. They also found out she got a (temporary) tattoo. They use both cases to blackmail her into doing their chores. Without the guidance of Louise, however, he's easily forgiving. In "Midday Run," Gene instantly forgives Tina for being a horrible sister before realizing that Louise wanted to exploit Tina's remorse. Sometimes, when Louise gets too intense, Tina and Gene team up to stop her ("Ambergris"). They may also team up with each other to help Louise. In "The Hauntening," they and their parents planned to scare Louise because the youngest Belcher wished for it. Since everything with Louise involves a rush or unrest, Tina's brother gets to talk to Tina more personally when alone. In "Fingers-loose," Gene revealed to Tina that he helped Mr. Frond shut down his and Louise's underground performance ring because he didn't want to do it anymore and was missing too many lunches. Another example is the hair conversation they had in "Housetrap."

As Bob and Linda (sometimes) trust Tina to babysit her younger siblings, Tina also has ways of getting them to do what she wants. For example, she knows how to get Gene sleepy by fake-yawning ("The Trouble With Doubles"). Aside from babysitting him, Tina feels like there's a duty in being Gene's sister. In "The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene," Tina thinks about who Gene's secret crush is, in case she disapproves of them. Tina also gets Louise in on her plan.

BobsBurgers 1008 DiarrheaOfAPoopyKid A08 Promo 02

Tina and Louise eating Brie and roasted pears together. ("Diarrhea of a Poopy Kid")

Louise Belcher[]

About this whole 'am I pretty' thing, which I still think is stupid, but... I just want to say I like looking at you. I think, you know, your face holes are in really good spots. And if you're not pretty, then I don't know what is.

Although older than her sister Louise by four years, Tina and Louise spend most of their time together with Gene, even eating lunch at school. Like Gene, Louise often accompanies Tina to events with her friends despite being much younger.

Because Louise is Tina's only other girl sibling, Tina likes sharing her interests with Tina, like Boyz4Now. In "Boyz 4 Now," they go to a Boyz4Now concert, and Louise finds herself infatuated with Boo Boo. Louise's crush on Boo Boo continues in multiple episodes, but she always denies having a crush on him. Louise thinks that if she has a crush on someone, it makes her abnormal, but Tina teaches her that it's okay to be different. Tina provides a similar role in "Manic Pixie Crap Show," when Louise questions if there's wrong with her for not liking the same things other girls do.

Louise easily sways and manipulates Tina, and Tina almost always follows along with her adventures and schemes. This dynamic has extended to hurt Tina in episodes like "Tina Tailor Soldier Spy" and "Bye Bye Boo Boo." However, one of the reasons why Louise exploits Tina is to hang out with her. In "Tina Tailor Soldier Spy," Tina's little sister joins Tina's Thundergirls troop against her wishes to help Tina find a mole.

Tina rejecting a standing ovation to be at Louise's poetry reading. ("The Plight Before Christmas")

When Louise gets carried away, Tina is the voice of reason/conscience that reigns in her little sister and teaches her lessons about growing up. Since they're always hanging out outside school, Tina arguably helps and supports Louise as much as their parents, and she might know more about Louise than they do. In "The Plight Before Christmas," Linda and Bob are busy because they have to go to Tina's play and Gene's performance but also Louise's reading, all at the same time. Louise needed someone to be there because she was scared of sharing something she genuinely wrote, but she accepted that their parents were busy and told them to go to Tina's and Gene's instead of hers. Louise made a fake joke poem to read at the reading instead, and everyone believed that was all she wrote. When Tina realized Louise wrote a genuine one Louise wanted to share, Tina gave up her play to go to Louise's reading, and Louise got the courage to read her sincere poetry. In "Three Girls and a Little Wharfy," Tina is the only Belcher who knows what Louise is doing with Jessica and Megan, although Tina does look at Louise's search history to figure that out. But like why Linda looks at Tina's diary, Tina looks at Louise's search history to make sure she isn't doing anything unsafe.

Gayle Genarro[]

Gayle is Linda's sister and Tina's aunt. Like everyone in the family (except Linda), Tina thinks Gayle is strange, but Tina is more like Gayle than the rest of her siblings. They both have an eager fascination to find love anywhere and weak social skills, but they both desire to help their family. While Gayle's attempts don't help Tina, her heart's in the right place. In "Bye Bye Boo Boo," Tina mentions that Gayle will deliver to Tina all of her old bras. She also says Gayle gave Tina a check (that's assumably huge), but she's only allowed to cash it in once Gayle wins the lottery ("Secret Admiral-irer"). Tina seems to respect Gayle more than her other siblings. In "The Cook, the Steve, the Gayle, & Her Lover," Tina convinced Louise not to ruin Gayle's relationship with Mr. Frond. From what Louise got from Tina's stare of disapproval, Tina told Louise she should "want Aunt Gayle to be happy because she's [their] aunt, and [they] love her." Tina also attends Gayle's artists' workshop in "Yurty Rotten Scoundrels" with Linda.

Big Bob[]

You're a doll, Tina.

Big Bob is Bob's dad and Tina's grandpa. Big Bob doesn't appear often in the show, but he has a better relationship with Tina (and the rest of her siblings) than with his son. He gives Tina, Gene, and Louise $5 on Christmas ("Father of the Bob") and other occasions when he sees his family ("Wharf, Me Worry?"). Tina also gets him to "feel like a blabbermouth" since Big Bob is usually a man of few words ("Interview with a Pop-pop-pire"). In the same episode, Tina interviews Big Bob for school and gets him to disclose details he never even told his son. With the rest of her siblings, Tina makes handmade gifts for him on his birthday ("The Secret Ceramics Room of Secrets").

Al Genarro[]

Al is Tina's maternal grandfather. He appears more than Big Bob, but he doesn't have a lot of interactions with Tina on-screen. Tina makes handmade gifts for him on his birthday with the rest of her siblings ("The Secret Ceramics Room of Secrets").[Note 2]

Gloria Genarro[]

Like Al, Tina doesn't interact with her maternal grandmother, Gloria, often. She does make handmade gifts for her every year with the rest of her siblings ("The Secret Ceramics Room of Secrets"). In the same episode, Tina convinces her siblings (or at least was the first one willing) to make actual handmade gifts instead of passing off someone's old pottery as their own.

Love interests[]

S9e1 Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now Tina Jimmy Jr

Tina's crushes. ("Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now")

A crucial part of Tina is the number of crushes she has, with over thirty different boys,[Note 3] including an entire undead basketball team of teenage boys ("The Frond Files") and even a goose from a pond ("Every Which Way but Goose"). Her first and most significant crush is Jimmy Jr., the boy who goes to her school and helps his father's restaurant on the other side of the street.

Most of these characters are those Tina only had short-lived crushes on or that Tina is mainly friends with, but they are all found here for simplicity purposes, in chronological order based on their debuts.

Tina singing about Jimmy Jr. (The Bob's Burgers Movie)

Jimmy Pesto, Jr.[]

You fall in love as many times as you want, honey. Each one is lucky to have you. Except Jimmy Jr. I'm not sold on him.

Jimmy Pesto, Jr. is Tina's primary, longtime crush, beginning since Season 1, in "Sheesh! Cab, Bob?" and lasting throughout the entire series. Despite being the son of her dad's archrival, Jimmy Pesto, Tina has intense romantic feelings for him. Jimmy Jr., on the other hand, waves in his feelings for her. In some episodes, Jimmy Jr. reciprocates her affections, like in "My Fuzzy Valentine," when he gives her a Valentine's card when she doesn't attend school. Tina was the only person he could open up to in "Ex MachTina." Most of the time, however, he pushes her aside and focuses more on dancing, his best friend Zeke, or even other girls. Jimmy Jr. doesn't seem to care or notice when he hurts Tina's feelings, like in Valentine's Day in "V for Valentine-detta," he uses the frame she gifted him for a picture of another girl.

Jimmy Jr. trying to win Tina over with a serenade. ("Two for Tina")

Her family doesn't like Jimmy Jr., particularly her mom, who wants to find someone who actually appreciates her daughter (even Zeke knows Jimmy Jr. takes Tina for granted ("The Oeder Games")). Tina can't give Jimmy Jr. up, though, since she logged over 3,000 fantasy hours with him, and "You don't just throw that away!" ("Two for Tina"). Tina dedicates much of her erotic friend- and fan-fiction to him ("Bad Tina" & "Some Like It Bot Part 2: Judge-bot Day"). Jimmy Jr. gets jealous and possessive whenever she tries to find someone else to fawn over, pulling Tina back in immediately. In "Two for Tina," when Tina decides to go to the dance with Josh since he is still looking for other girls, Jimmy Jr. immediately decides to go with Tina. She usually fumbles her chances with Jimmy Jr. since, at the end of the episode, she tries dancing with both Josh and Jimmy Jr., creeping him out.

S14e5 Bully-ieve It or Not Tina Gene Louise Jimmy Jr

"Oh, wow." ("Bully-ieve It or Not")


Now I got a story to tell on our wedding day. You think that's not gonna happen, but I'll get you, girl! I'm gonna get you!

Tina usually antagonizes Zeke. As Jimmy Jr.'s best friend, Jimmy Jr. cares more about Zeke than Tina. He first appears in "The Belchies," when he's wrestling Jimmy Jr. on the beach. When Tina invites Jimmy Jr. to the treasure hunt with her and her siblings, she is glad to see that he came, but she instantly becomes upset when she sees Zeke trailing behind him. In his activities with Zeke, Jimmy Jr. usually forbids Tina from coming, like their wrestling sessions ("The Belchies").

Tina kissing Jimmy Jr. and Zeke. ("UFO No You Didn't")

One of Tina's notions about Zeke is that he's "really gross," and many instances prove that. In "Broadcast Wagstaff School News," Zeke becomes a "serial pooper," pooping everywhere he shouldn't at Wagstaff. However, some of his poops were for Tina. At first, it was an accident, but the rest of his poops were so Tina could enjoy the fame and publicity from reporting it. While Tina believes Zeke is disgusting, the latter is in love with Tina. Zeke isn't as expressive or advancing about his feelings as Tina, but in "Midday Run," when Tina saves Zeke from getting suspended, Zeke says he has a story to tell on their wedding day.

After this episode, Tina becomes more tolerant of Zeke (but still hates it when he appears with Jimmy Jr.). She might have started like-liking Zeke, too (but to a lesser extent than Jimmy Jr.). In "UFO No You Didn't," Tina passionately kisses Zeke after kissing Jimmy Jr. However, she did think that the world was ending. Tina also gets to see Zeke's butt in "Bully-ieve It or Not," which she is impressed by.

Tina's fantasy about Jimmy Jr. and Chad the Zombie. ("Bad Tina")

Chad the Zombie[]

(sultrily) Chad doesn't have a partner. Maybe he can join you.
Ms. Jacobson to Tina and Jimmy Jr., "Bad Tina"

Chad the Zombie is a fictional zombie in Tina's erotic friend fictions. He might be on par with Jimmy Jr. since he is part of Tina's fantasy in "Bad Tina," where she touches both Jimmy Jr. and Chad the Zombie's butt. However, Chad the Zombie isn't exclusive to Tina since she wrote how he touches Katie's butt in a later erotic friend fiction in the same episode. He doesn't appear in other episodes, but Tina does date an entire team of undead teenage boys in "The Frond Files."

Tina telling Nathan about Pam. ("Beefsquatch")



In "Beefsquatch," Nathan and Tina meet on the set of the reality TV show Get On Up hosted by Pam and Chuck Charles. He goes to her family's restaurant to ask her to be his girlfriend. However, Tina realizes Nathan only wants to date her so the boy can get closer to Pam, so she breaks up with him, though she still wants to be friends with him. He decides to impersonate Tina to sneak into Pam's dressing room. When they both get kicked off the show set, they meet her mom. Linda asks if they broke up, and Tina says, "No, we couldn't make it work." However, he does help Tina and her family get back into the show set to stop Bob and Gene from hurting each other (or maybe he just wanted to see Pam again).


Tina and Josh kissing at the dairy fridge. ("Lindapendent Woman")


If it doesn't work out, we'll always have the milk.

Josh is Tina's first love interest, who didn't take advantage of her. They first meet in "Lindapendent Woman" at the dairy fridge at Fresh Feed during Linda's brief employment there. When they meet again at Fresh Feed, Tina gives Josh her number so he can call her again. However, he loses the number, and they don't see each other again until "Two for Tina." In the episode, He asks Tina to attend his school dance, but she doesn't initially agree because she wants to be Jimmy Jr.'s partner at their dance. After Linda convinces Tina to go with Josh, Jimmy Jr. 'coincidentally' decides to go to Wagstaff's event with Tina. Tina exploits both Josh and Jimmy Jr. by making them try to win her over. It goes on until she tries to dance with both of them, which weirds them out, and they abandon Tina. Josh invites Tina to his dance performance in "Tappy Tappy Tappy Tap Tap Tap," but Tina has already lost interest in the boy. However, she attends his event to reject him as nicely as possible. When Josh gets into an accident during his performance, Tina believes someone caused Josh's accident and tries finding the culprit, thinking that finding them will make Josh so happy that it won't even break his heart when she rejects him. However, the accident was Josh's fault, and he reveals that he only invited Tina to his dance performance because of how focused Tina is when watching him dance. It wasn't because he 'like-likes' her since, like Tina, the spark is also gone for Josh. They remain friends, however.

Tina dancing with Justin. ("Mazel Tina")


Um, but...
Justin when Tina tells him to dance with her, "Mazel Tina"

When Tina takes over Tammy Larsen's Bat Mitzvah in "Mazel Tina" by becoming the party planner and ultimately "New Tammy," Tina dances with Justin, the boy from Tammy's Hebrew school, even though Tammy was supposed to. Tina also chooses to dance with Justin despite knowing that her sister (and Tammy, to a lesser extent) got stuck somewhere. While they're dancing, Tina has trouble finding his butt. When people discover that Tammy and Louise are trapped, Tina acts like Justin's the one who picked to dance with Tina, despite the dance being a girls' choice. Justin reappears in Tina's fantasy in "Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now."

S3e21 Boyz4Now Tina Louise

Tina and Louise in Boyz4Now's dirty laundry hamper. ("Boyz 4 Now")


(singing) Will you be mine? Coal miiine
Boyz4Now to Tina and everyone else at their concert, "Boyz 4 Now"

Boyz4Now is Tina's favorite band. While everyone at their concerts seems like a superfan for them, most of them haven't done everything Tina did for the boyband. She and Louise go to one of their concerts in "Boyz 4 Now," and after the concert, they try making their way backstage (despite not having any passes). When that doesn't work, Tina and Louise infiltrate their tour bus, and they hide in their dirty laundry hamper. Tina's also part of a fan club for Boyz4Now, where she's a secretary ("Bye Bye Boo Boo").[Note 4]

In "Boyz 4 Now," Tina claims her favorite group member is Griffin, and when she and Louise hid in their dirty laundry hamper, Tina stole five of his sweatbands. However, Tina used to be a "Boo Boo Booster," which means she used to like band member Boo Boo the most. Tina might like Matt the least since he's the only member who doesn't show up in Tina's room in The Bob's Burgers Movie in poster form.

S4e14 Uncle Teddy Jonas Tina

Jonas using his charm on Tina. ("Uncle Teddy")


Oh, hey, it's you... girl...

In "Uncle Teddy," Tina falls for Jonas, the dreamy new delivery boy at Reggie's Deli who drives a scooter and plays the melodica. Tina thinks she's the one in control after she manages to score a ride with him on his scooter, but it is actually Jonas using Tina. Jonas knows that Tina likes him, so he uses his charm on her to let him and his friends use her family's restaurant as a hangout at night. Jonas also uses her for free cheeseburgers. He ultimately abandons her to get arrested on the beach. Jonas reappears in "Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting." When they talk again in this episode, Jonas doesn't remember Tina's name, but Tina believes he does since he says, "Oh, hey, it's you... girl..." after Tina walks up to him. Other than that, Jonas doesn't matter to Tina in this episode.

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff ♪ ("Tina and the Real Ghost")


Tina and I are taking a break. Tammy, U R hot! Be My GF!
Tammy impersonating Jeff, "Tina and the Real Ghost"

In "Tina and the Real Ghost," Louise pranks her family when they use a Ouija board by pretending the ghost contacting them is Jeff, a 13-year-old teenage boy. However, Tina believes he's real, and when they trap "Jeff" in a shoe box, she takes him to school, where he gains popularity. Tina goes to a butterfly sanctuary with Jeff, and Tina starts realizing that there's no Jeff, but after a butterfly lands on her, she takes it as a sign that Jeff is real. Jealous of Tina, Tammy steals the box and fakes a breakup letter by Jeff to Tina. That crushes Tina, and when it's time for dismissal, she goes home and sulks in her room the whole day. However, she overhears Louise admitting to her family in the living room that she made up Jeff, so Tina gets back at them the next day on Halloween by pranking Louise and Gene.

S5e11 Can't Buy Me Math Tina Darryl Tammy Jocelyn

Tina and Darryl showing their love to the school. ("Can't Buy Me Math")


It's like neither of you are cute, but together, you're cuuute.
Tammy Larsen about Tina and Darryl, "Can't Buy Me Math"

In "Can't Buy Me Math," Darryl wants his crush, Rosa Batista, to notice him, so he asks Tina to pretend to date him to become "Cupid's Couple" at the seventh-eighth grade Valentine's dance. Darryl asked Tina because she's a nerd like him (two nerds together will seem cute), and "whoever wins Cupid's Couple can date anyone they want when they break up." Tina only agrees because Jimmy Jr. might notice her when she and Darryl break up after they win Cupid's Couple. At the Valentine's dance, Darryl tries to secure their win by serenading Tina and letting everyone at the event witness it. While this guarantees them becoming Cupid's Couple, Tina also falls for Darryl. They still break up, but when they go bowling together, with Rosa dating Darryl now and Jimmy Jr. being with Tina, Tina reveals their whole plan. Darryl gets upset at Tina, but Tina tells him that she fell in love with him, or at least the version he pretended to be while they pretended to date. Darryl gets Tina to realize that they're incompatible together, so Tina helps Darryl and Rosa get back together.

He and Tina haven't shown any other signs of liking each other. Still, after she receives a fortune in "Stand by Gene" that claims she will discover her true love at the end of the journey with Darryl and their friends, Tina starts suspecting that Darryl is her destined beloved. However, after seeing how weak he is, the hunch immediately disappears.

Tina and Jordan kissing. ("The Land Ship")

Jordan Cagan[]

You painted over my heart, Tina.

In "The Land Ship," Tina discovers Jordan Cagan is "Ghost Boy," the secret vandal stenciling ghosts on school property. She decides to help him to prove to everyone that she isn't dull. After spending time with Tina, Jordan falls with him, and he makes her his girlfriend. He also plans to deface the Land Ship with Tina before the Land Ship parade. Tina realizes this has gone too far but helps Jordan vandalize the vessel anyway. After they stencil a ghost on the Land Ship, Tina returns with Gene and Louise without Jordan's knowledge to remove what they sprayed on the sail. On the day of the parade, Jordan sees his and Tina's ghost on the sail isn't there, and he realizes Tina removed it. They break up, and Tina tries consoling him, but he immediately gets with another girl.

Jordan is also a lousy kisser.

S7e5 Large Brother, Where Fart Thou? Tina Joe Harrison

Tina's fantasy with Joe Harrison. ("Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?")

Joe Harrison[]

I've got to show him my breakup eyes. Like this. (makes a face) Whoa, whoa, easy, Tina girl. That was way too harsh. No need to be mean. I need to use my let-him-down-easy eyes. Like this. (makes the same face) Yeah, that's it.

Joe Harrison is a boy Tina makes eye contact with in "Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?" She takes this as a sign that Joe Harrison like-likes her. When Tina learns he's in detention, she sabotages Mr. Frond's display to be with him in custody. Throughout detention, Tina attempts to get him to make eye contact with her again, and each time their eyes meet, she creates an elaborate fantasy about their love. However, on their penultimate glance, she believes the spark is gone, so she lets Joe down with their final look at each other.

Henry Haber picking Tina up for their date. ("Ain't Miss Debatin'")

Henry Haber[]

Yep, he has my blessing.

Henry Haber wasn't a romantic interest for Tina when he first appeared. In "Carpe Museum," Tina believes Henry is the biggest dork at school and tries to change him into a less dorky version of himself. In "The Millie-churian Candidate," Tina acknowledges how brilliant Henry is but also adds that he has no "brawns" at all. In "Ain't Miss Debatin'," Henry invites Tina to be part of the debate team with him. He falls for Tina's oratorical skills after seeing her debate. They debate with each other about whether they should date, and Tina even convinces herself they'd be a perfect couple, except for her "total lack of attraction to him." When Tina and the rest of the debate team have to go up against Kingshead Island, she falls for Duncan, one of the opposing debaters, since he reminds her of Jimmy Jr. Sasha Whiteman, who is part of Duncan's team, uses Duncan against Tina before their debate. After Tina secretly kisses Duncan, it makes her guilty, and she confesses that she kissed him during the competition, letting Henry hear what she said. It breaks Henry's heart, but he's crushed even more when Tina announces her break-up with him. While Henry is pained, he still admires Tina when she wins the debate competition for their school. At some point, he gets over Tina's rejection and starts dating Susmita in "UFO No You Didn't."

"Buttle rubbies." - Duncan ("Ain't Miss Debatin'")


I got pit scrubbies and other scrubbies, a couple of chesties. Oh, a new one. Want one?

Duncan is a debate team member for Kingshead Island. Tina becomes immediately infatuated with him in "Ain't Miss Debatin'" because of his similarities to Jimmy Jr., saying she's "just prewired for long-necked boys with thick accents and/or speech impediments." However, Tina's in a relationship with Henry, so she doesn't try getting with Duncan. Fellow Kingshead debater Sasha Whiteman notices Tina's crush on Duncan, and he uses Duncan to get Tina to throw the competition. Tina tries resisting Sasha's attempts but eventually gives in and kisses Duncan while on the beach. Duncan doesn't seem to care because he only remembers after Tina announces their kiss during their debate competition. Tina also broke up with Henry because she felt guilty about kissing Duncan.

When Duncan reappears as Sasha's sidekick in "What About Blob?" Tina still crushes on him. This time, his exposed ankles are the focus of her attention, and she spends their time together trying to touch them.

BobsBurgers 720 SleepingWithTheFrenemy Promo 09

Tina and Louise helping Tammy on her date with Brett. ("Sleeping with the Frenemy")


You seem to have some gross chemistry, and you both make me tired, so just go walk together on the beach already.

Tina meets Brett in the restaurant after he mistakenly believes Tammy is different from him in "Sleeping with the Frenemy." After he leaves and Tammy and him exchange phone numbers, Tammy gets Tina to help him since she doesn't know what to text him. However, Brett's personality is perfectly compatible with Tina's, and Brett hits it off with Tina, believing that the person texting him is Tammy. After they text each other all night, he invites Tammy/Tina to a date at Fro-Yo-Momma. Tammy makes Tina tag along, and Tina tells Tammy what to say with a wire. After Tina gets upset and jealous of Tammy since the only reason Brett liked Tammy was her, Tina sabotages Tammy's next date with Brett. Tammy gives up pretending to be Tina. At the end of the episode, Tina tells Brett he was talking to her all along. At first, this revelation makes Brett recoil, but Tammy convinces Brett to go out with Tina, and the two of them go on a date to the beach.


Tina's fantasy with Damon. ("Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now")


(singing) Is this really happening? Girl, we're napkin-ing! YES, THIS IS HAPPENING! GIRL, WE ARE NAPKIN-INGGG!...
Damon in Tina's fantasy, "Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now"

While on the street, Tina literally runs into Damon, a singer/dancer on his way to the Boyz 4 Now audition in "Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now." Damon knocks Tina down, so he apologizes and helps her up, but he quickly leaves due to his audition. While their encounter is brief, Tina becomes sure he's her true love. Determined to find him, Tina infiltrates the auditions by dressing up as a boy (as only boys are allowed to try out). On her journey to see Damon, she encounters other boys she falls in love with. When she finally finds Damon again at the auditions, Tina decides that he isn't her true love because of how many other boys she fantasized about while trying to locate him. Tina leaves Damon alone and lets the security escort her away.



Tina's fantasy with Bruce the Goose. ("Every Which Way but Goose")


Bruce the Goose[]


When Jimmy Jr. rejects going to the dance with Tina in "Every Which Way but Goose," Tina flees to the nearby park and develops a fast bond with local goose Bruce. Worried about the odd friendship, the Belchers resort to reading Tina's diary (for the umpteenth time) for insight, finding her entry about her fantasy with Bruce. She envisions she will run away with Bruce, and they will have human-goose hybrid babies. To prevent this from happening, Gene and Louise go to the park and trap Bruce in a box so Tina can't find him. They also force Jimmy Jr. to go to the dance, and when Tina can't locate Bruce, she also goes to the dance, depressed. Not even Jimmy Jr. could cheer her up. However, Bruce escapes the box and finds Tina by going to her school dance. He causes a scene, and not until a friendship bracelet she made for Bruce puts him in danger does Tina realize their love can never be (since the bracelet got him stuck). Tina and her family return Bruce to the pond at the end of the episode, and Tina breaks up with him. He quickly rebounds with another goose at the park.

S10e5 Legends of the Mall Tina Brian Skye Noah

Brian sleeping on Tina's shoulder while Skye and Noah watch. ("Legends of the Mall")


Yeah, Tina. You must be protecting me. Nothing else makes sense.
Brian while exhausted and heavily drugged, "Legends of the Mall"

Tina tries finding a boyfriend in the "Legends of the Mall" mall when Tammy and Jocelyn tell her she has "no mall game." Tina discovers Brian, but after Tina sits on a bench to talk to Brian, Brian immediately passes out on Tina's shoulder from exhaustion and his antihistamines. Tina tries to get Brian off, but after Yuli sees them and assumes they're dating, Tina keeps this guise when Brian's friends, Skye and Noah, return from drinking smoothies. They believe Tina is the girlfriend Brian never told him about, and being asleep, Brian can't disagree. However, when Brian's actual girlfriend starts messaging his phone, Skye and Noah get upset because they believe Brian's cheating on Tina. Tina realizes she went too far, so she tries convincing them she's not dating Brian, but they think Tina is just trying to defend their scummy friend. When Brian wakes up, he gets bombarded with Skye, Noah, and Yuli, who returned and heard about Brian's supposed cheating. Even Brian believes he's dating Tina and that he's cheating on her because of how exhausted and drugged he is. Tina only persuades them once she calls Tammy and Jocelyn over, who lists all the bad things about Tina. Brian, Skye, and Noah all abandon Tina in disgust and disdain.

S14e5 Bully-ieve It or Not Tina Will

Tina and Will. ("Bully-ieve It or Not")


You do kind of have this whole “don’t mess with me” vibe that has a lot of the girls around here going crazy. Other girls. Not me, but I get it.
— Tina to Will, "Bully-ieve It or Not"

Will is a new student at Wagstaff School who appears in "Bully-ieve It or Not." Like Tammy, Tina gives Will a tour around the school. Tina doesn't make any on-screen advances to Will during the Wagstaff Welcome Wagon, but she likes him for his "don't mess with me vibe that has a lot of the girls around here going crazy." However, Tina makes it sound like she isn't one of those girls. He might be intimidating to Tina due to that and his height. While Tina can't resist new boys with "fresh faces" and "fresh butts" ("Mazel Tina"), Tina's sight of Zeke's butt after school overshadows Will's arrival.



Tina threatening Jocelyn s1e9 Spaghetti Western and Meatballs

Tina threatening Jocelyn. ("Spaghetti Western and Meatballs")

Although she is less significant than Tammy Larsen, Jocelyn interacts with Tina first. Tina didn't like Jocelyn initially, which is saying little since Tina still doesn't enjoy Jocelyn that much. In "Spaghetti Western & Meatballs," Tina threatens to beat up Jocelyn after putting them into a hypothetical scene in their conflict-resolution club where Jocelyn talks behind Tina's back with Jimmy Jr. When Tina sees Jocelyn talking to Jimmy Jr. in the same episode, she fights Jocelyn. She gets demoted to Tammy's minion throughout the series after Tammy's appearance in "Bad Tina." Jocelyn usually agrees with everything Tammy says, and Tina already hates Tammy.

While Jocelyn clings to Tammy, there are some points when Jocelyn sees how badly Tammy treats Tina. In "Comet-y of Errors," Jocelyn makes Tammy apologize to Tina after Tammy exploits Tina after Tina asks for Tammy's forgiveness. Without Tammy, Tina and Jocelyn don't antagonize each other as much. Jocelyn also invites Tina to her kissing party (although Tina gets uninvited and re-invited) ("The Hormone-iums"), where Tammy wouldn't even invite Tina to her Bat Mitzvah as a guest ("Mazel Tina").

S8e4 Sit Me Baby One More Time Tina Tammy

Tina and Tammy with their competing babysitter services. ("Sit Me Baby One More Time")

Tammy Larsen[]

Tina, we're trash-talking. Stop turning it into a normal conversation.

Tammy Larsen is bad news for Tina. Tammy pretends to be helpful and Tina's friend when it really only benefits her. When Tammy first moves to Wagstaff in "Bad Tina," Tina gives Tammy a tour around school, and Tammy gets both of them in trouble. In the same episode, Tammy exploits Tina by taking one of her 'erotic friend fictions' and uses Tina's writing to get Tina to do whatever she wants. In "Broadcast Wagstaff School News," Tammy tells Tina to speak slower during her auditions for Wagstaff's news anchor since they were both trying for the role, and Tammy (and everyone else) knows how slowly Tina already speaks. Tina listens since she thought Tammy was trying to be generous, but Tammy's advice cost Tina the role. Tammy also frames Tina for public defecation in the same episode.

Tammy saving Tina from getting in trouble. ("Some Like It Bot Part 2: Judge-bot Day")

Tina only hangs out with Tammy (and Jocelyn, Zeke, and Jimmy Jr. to a lesser extent) because they're her "only shot at a peer group ("Vampire Disco Death Dance")." There are some rare times when Tammy is friendly to Tina. In "Can't Buy Me Math," she flattered Tina's relationship with Darryl, calling them cute together (although she did say that they were unattractive individually). There are many instances where Tammy seems to become more respectful to Tina, but Tammy regresses to her old, mean ways. In one of the recent episodes, "Some Like It Bot Part 1: Eighth Grade Runner," Tammy realizes she has been cruel to Tina and ceases Wagstaff School News's "Wow or Weird" segment after insulting Tina in the show. Tammy also doesn't snitch on Tina to Yuli, the school security guard, after Tina infiltrates Wagstaff to sabotage the segment after school. But later, in "Comet-y of Errors," Tammy exploits Tina's guilt.

S7e13 The Grand Mama-Pest Hotel Tina Dillon

Tina meeting Dillon at the Brewster Courtyard Gardens Hotel. ("The Grand Mama-pest Hotel")


Tina becomes friends with Dillon on Wagstaff's field trip at the Brewster Courtyard Gardens Hotel heroine conference in "The Grand Mama-pest Hotel." Dillon is from a different school, but she and Tina hit it off immediately. Dillon decides to room with Tina after they talk in the lobby, even though Linda wants to be with Tina. Tina and Dillon don't have that much in common, but Tina pretends to know/like Dillon's interests. Before they were supposed to go to bed (until Linda barged into their room), they read each other's tarot cards, which Tina claims she has done before. After Linda got banned from the hotel, she let Tina stay and be with Dillon for the duration of the trip.

Tina and Susmita trying to high-five. ("UFO No You Didn't")


Tina and Susmita first interact in "UFO No You Didn't," when they get assigned to work together on their science project. While they disagreed and argued during their process, Susmita is the non-relative girl at Wagstaff with whom Tina has the best relationship. When they first learned they were working together, Tina high-fives Susmita (or tries to). They also root for each other in "Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang" before taking their class history test. Tina respects Susmita's intelligence, and Susmita is okay with helping Tina with anything about school, like their science project, since Susmita did most of the work. Susmita also offers to help Tina in "FOMO You Didn't" when Tina has trouble with taking photos for their photography class.

While it sounds like Susmita is the only one helping Tina, their friendship isn't one-sided. Tina gives Susmita some of her boy-crazy wisdom in "UFO No You Didn't" and gives Susmita the courage to ask Henry Haber to date her.

S13e14 These Boots Are Made for Stalking Tina Sage

Tina choking while taking Sage and her friend's orders. ("These Boots Are Made for Stalking")


I like your barrette.

Tina first encounters Sage when Sage enters Bob's Burgers before "These Boots Are Made for Stalking." When Tina first noticed Sage, she thought Sage and her friends were the "coolest" teenagers she ever met. Tina wanted to be exactly like them. Tina starts dressing and acting like them and listens attentively to their conversations while eating at her family's restaurant. When they stopped coming to the restaurant, Tina tried going everywhere they went. When Tina embarrasses herself at a restaurant Sage and her friends are at, Tina becomes ashamed, but she starts acting like herself again. When Sage comes to the restaurant again, Tina talks with Sage about her accident, and they end up on pleasant terms, with Tina matching Sage's wavelength throughout their conversation despite just being herself.

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  1. "Teen" is a shortened version of "Tina."
  2. She assumably does since Tina, Gene, and Louise make handmade gifts for Gloria's and Big Bob's birthdays in the same episode.
  3. Not all of Tina's crushes are named.
  4. s6e16 "Bye Bye Boo Boo" Tina gets kicked out but later reinstated, so it's unknown if she's still a secretary.


  1. s1e6 "Sheesh! Cab, Bob?" Tina celebrates her 13th birthday.
  2. s3e14 "Lindapendent Woman" An exchange between Tina and Josh confirms her age (Tina's dialogue is italicized while the parts where they're both speaking are boldened):
    How old are you?
    I'm, um... How old are you?
    Uh, you first.
    We'll say it at the same time.
    One, two... Twenty-five.
    Really? No, thirteen.
    No, fourteen.
  3. s5e7 "Tina Tailor Soldier Spy" Louise says, "Dad, Tina's thirteen. In Thundergirl years, that's, like, forty."
  4. s1e4 "Sexy Dance Fighting"
  5. s1e13 "Torpedo" Torpedo Jones hired Tina to be the 'ball girl.' She brought Bob's hamburger grease to Torpedo so he could lubricate his balls and cheat. She also brought items for the other players.
  6. s5e9 "Speakeasy Rider" Tina begrudgingly accepted Louise's offer of being her 'water girl.' Her job was to keep Louise hydrated.
  7. s3e3 "Bob Fires the Kids" When Bob fires the kids, they discover an illegal weed farm who they believe is merely a blueberry one. They agree to work on the farm when Beverly and Cooper offer the Belcher children ten dollars a day.
  8. s4e1 "A River Runs Through Bob" This episode reveals that Tina is a Thundergirl. After reading some propaganda and being influenced by Louise, Tina denounces the Thundergirls and ineffectively quits. She retracts her resignation and rejoins the troop.
  9. s5e7 "Tina Tailor Soldier Spy" Tina quits since she thinks she is too old to be a member of the Thundergirls, but when her former troopleader asks Tina to help find the mole in the troop, Tina rejoins. After discovering the mole, Tina decides to continue being a Thundergirl.
  10. s5e6 "Father of the Bob" When both Big Bob and Bob leave the Diner, Linda takes charge by cooking the orders. She has the kids help her out. She gets Tina to clean up spills in and near the bathroom.
  11. s5e8 "Midday Run" She is a hall monitor alongside Regular Sized Rudy in this episode, and at the beginning of it, she was a "Hall Marlin," the second highest rank of hall monitors at Wagstaff. Everyone expected Mr. Frond to promote Tina to "Hall Manatee," the most elevated position, but when she lies to Mr. Frond, she loses this opportunity. Although Tina won a bet against Mr. Frond that would've given her that promotion, she sacrificed this in exchange for calling off Zeke's suspension.
  12. s5e9 "Speakeasy Rider" When Sasha Whiteman saw how well Tina was racing in the Belchers' make-shift go-kart, he offered her to drive the Kingshead Island Speeder's go-kart for them in replacement of Eddy, who was in detention at the time.
  13. s7e15 "Ain't Miss Debatin'" Henry Haber and Todd enlist Tina to Wagstaff's debate team since one girl is required.
  14. s8e4 "Sit Me Baby One More Time" Although Tina had babysat her siblings in previous episodes, Tina looks after Kendra Stokes with Tammy in this episode
  15. s11e19 "Bridge Over Troubled Rudy" Sylvester Stieblitz puts Tina in charge of taking care of his home and his plant.
  16. s8e17 "Boywatch" Tina enters the Junior Lifeguard Program. She got her team expelled, but Zach decides to let them all graduate after she and the rest of the junior lifeguards save runners from spraining their ankles.
  17. s4e10 "Presto Tina-o" Tina reveals her middle name at Wands, Wands, Wands.
  18. File:Fish_Tina_Script.png


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