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Season 1[]

Tina talking about her itchy crotch. ("Human Flesh")

"Human Flesh"[]

In the show premiere, "Human Flesh," Tina experiences an itchy rash in her crotch area during Bob's Burgers's third reopening, but it's only one of the burdens the Belchers face.

After the health inspectors, Hugo Habercore and Ron, inform the public of Tina's family restaurant that their burgers may contain human flesh, people protest, but an adventurous eaters club becomes interested. When the Belchers earn a bunch of money after selling supposed human burgers, they go to Ocean Avenue's theme park, Wonder Wharf, and celebrate with all the money they just earned. Tina and her siblings ride the Ferris wheel with her parents.

Tina talking about her night terrors. ("Crawl Space")

"Crawl Space"[]

Tina's maternal grandparents, Gloria and Al Genarro, visit her family's home in "Crawl Space," and her dad gets stuck in the wall. After seeing how much help Tina's mom needs because of Bob's situation, they decide to stay as long as Linda needs them.

After being unable to sleep because of her grandparents having loud sex in their home, Tina becomes exhausted at school. She takes inspiration from her dad by crawling up to the ceiling to nap, but she discovers the boy's locker room and decides to peep. She gets caught, and because her other two siblings also got into trouble that week, the school's counselor, Phillip Frond, and her siblings drive to the Belcher's home and restaurant to have an intervention. However, Gloria convinces/blackmails him not to, and he doesn't call Social Services about the Belchers.


The Belchers with Moolisa. Tina is brushing Moolisa's mane. ("Sacred Cow")

"Sacred Cow"[]

In "Sacred Cow," Randy Watkins, a vegetarian filmmaker, comes to the restaurant to make Bob feel bad for making almost 100,000 burgers by bringing a cow named Moolisa. Tina believes the cow is communicating with its poops. Louise exploits this by secretly creating emoticons with the poop so Tina can interpret them.

When Moolisa gets kidnapped, the Belchers, Randy, and his film crew all go to save her. They free Moolisa, but when she dies, Tine becomes sad but feels better after seeing the cow poop something in the shape of a heart, which surprises Louise since she didn't make that. Tina and her family celebrate Bob's 100,000th burger in honor of Moolisa.

Tina dancing capoeira s1e4 Sexy Dance Fighting

Tina dance-fighting. ("Sexy Dance Fighting")

"Sexy Dance Fighting"[]

In "Sexy Dance Fighting," Tina becomes the center of her own story. She finds a new male role figure that isn't Bob: Jairo, the sexy capoeira instructor of Ocean Avenue. Tina wants to learn to dance-fight instead of flip burgers with Bob, making Bob feel worthless to his oldest daughter. Bob insists on teaching Tina how to fight his way, but Tina declines because she thinks Jairo is hot. When Tina can't balance her schedule between working at the restaurant and hanging out with Jairo, Bob confronts Jairo, and the two men argue about what's best for Tina. Bob bans Tina from going to the Capoeira Center for Capoeira, but Tina rebels against Bob's wishes. She plans to get the higher-tier belt for her lessons, and Tina invites her family. Everyone but Bob goes to her ceremony, making Tina believe her dad cares more about burgers than her, his own daughter. She storms off, but Bob goes to the ceremony after a change of heart.

After seeing Bob come to the center, Jairo denies Tina from getting the yellow belt. Bob and Jairo fight each other, letting Tina see that Jairo is a jerk, and she quits her capoeira lessons. Since Tina didn't get her yellow belt, Bob gives Tina her "special" yellow gloves, and after this episode, Tina starts enjoying her work time with her dad.

Tina linda s1e5 Hamburger Dinner Theatre

Linda knocking Tina down. ("Hamburger Dinner Theater")

"Hamburger Dinner Theater"[]

Tina wants to get over her stage fright in "Hamburger Dinner Theater," so she asks her mom to let her have a role in her play. Linda lets Tina play a tree with one line, so Tina doesn't need to move or speak a lot. Tina couldn't say her only line in the first performance and froze. Louise says her line instead, and Linda pushes Tina down since that's what Tina was supposed to do. Before the second performance, Gene tries advising Tina so she gets over her stage fright.

Even though Tina says her line after the show ends and the entire audience leaves, she slightly overcomes her stage fright in this episode.

Jimmy Jr

Tina's first kiss! ("Sheesh! Cab, Bob?")

"Sheesh! Cab, Bob?"[]

Tina's 13th birthday is coming up in "Sheesh! Cab, Bob?," and she wants a romantic, boy-girl mixer party to celebrate, but most importantly, she wants Jimmy Pesto Jr., her biggest crush, to be there. Bob works a part-time job to pay for the expensive party. While he did raise enough money for her party, he refuses to cut his mustache so his mortal enemy, Jimmy Pesto, will let his son go to his daughter's party. Tina gets upset at this and refuses to enjoy her party.

When it's her birthday, she receives advice from Marbles, Glitter, and Cha-Cha, transgender sex workers Bob accidentally invited to her party, and she learns to appreciate what her dad does. Tina tells her dad he doesn't need to give Jimmy Pesto his mustache hair since Bob shaved it a few moments before Tina received this wisdom. Bob gets Jimmy Jr. to the party without giving Jimmy Pesto his mustache hair, and Tina and Jimmy Jr. share their first kiss.

"This is where I thrash." ("Bed & Breakfast")

"Bed & Breakfast"[]

In "Bed & Breakfast," Tina's mother opens a bed and breakfast in their home. Tina and Gene get relocated to their parent's room to make space for their guests.

Later, Louise has to move to Bob's and Linda's room, too, and Tina shows her younger sister where she thrashes on the bed they all share. Tina learns about insects and pheromones from one of the guests.


Tina's art of Dr. Yap. ("Art Crawl")

"Art Crawl"[]

It's "Art Crawl" week in Ocean Avenue! Tina, her siblings, and her dad walk around the adorned streets, mocking all of the artworks. Linda's sister is visiting them for Ocean Avenue's art crawl, and Louise decides to make money off this art event by forcing Tina and her brother to make profitable art.

After seeing their art, Louise fires them because she thinks their work won't sell and hires other exploitable people. Tina and Gene take art lessons at Reflections, the independent art store in this town.

Tina threatening Jocelyn s1e9 Spaghetti Western and Meatballs

Tina threatening to punch Jocelyn again, and again, and again, and again. ("Spaghetti Western and Meatballs")

"Spaghetti Western and Meatballs"[]

Tina and Jimmy Jr. join Mr. Frond's conflict resolution club in "Spaghetti Western and Meatballs." The group plans on showing their conflict resolution skills at the conflict resolution program for the school, which Tina's parents got picked to cater to. Tina gets upset and threatens Jocelyn, another club member, because of a hypothetical solution Philip Frond made that makes Jocelyn insult Tina.

When Tina sees Jocelyn talking to Jimmy Jr. at the event, Tina snaps and jumps Jocelyn. However, Bob arrives at the program with the spaghetti he made, and everyone calms down. Tina wants to share her spaghetti with Jimmy Jr., like in Lady and the Tramp, but Tina's crush refuses her flirting. She and everyone else at the program have a food fight when Louise declares one.

Tina Jimmy Jr

Tina and Jimmy Jr. slow dancing. ("Burger War")

"Burger War"[]

In "Burger War," the Belchers plan ways to make enough money for the rent of Mr. Fischoeder, their landlord. Tina suggests letting people slow dance at the restaurant because of Jimmy Jr.'s interest in dancing. Louise suggests using Vodou because she learned about it in a book she got. Tina asks her sister to use supernatural forces on Jimmy Jr. to get him to remember he's dating her. In the meantime, Tina and her brother hand out flyers for their restaurant, declaring that they're selling their food half-off.

Louise's powers apparently work because when Tina goes to Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria, Jimmy Jr. starts dancing with her. Bob intrudes on Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria to try stealing Jimmy's customers until Mr. Fishoeder comes. Tina and everyone else go to Bob's restaurant to witness the restaurant being closed down until Mr. Fishoeder changes his mind after eating one of Bob's burgers. Tina celebrates by resuming slow dancing with Jimmy Jr.

"Hi, Gene! Would you like to play a game? Maybe, sing a song?" ("Weekend at Mort's")

"Weekend at Mort's"[]

The restaurant experiences a mold problem in "Weekend at Mort's," and Hugo closes the restaurant down. Mort, the next-door owner of It's Your Funeral Home & Crematorium and a friend of Bob, lets him and his family stay at his place while the restaurant gets fumigated. Bob and Linda plan to have a honeymoon since they never experience a break, and Mort decides to take care of the kids. Tina and her siblings help Mort find a date, but once he does, he's unable to babysit Bob and Linda's kids. Tina's parents decide to let Tina babysit her younger siblings for the first time.

When all the adults leave, Tina fails at entertaining Gene and Louise, so Louise suggests they explore the basement of the morgue. Louise scares her siblings by pretending there's a monster. Tina and her siblings accidentally almost burn their father after he tries sleeping in a coffin, but they free him once they realize.

Tina Jimmy Jr

Tina and Jimmy Jr. eating lobster at their wedding. ("Lobsterfest")


In "Lobsterfest," when a severe storm causes the city to postpone Lobsterfest, Ocean Avenue's yearly lobster-eating festival, Linda puts her children in the basement so they can survive. Tina starts thinking about all the teenagers in other basements she can make out with to repopulate the Earth once the storm is over, but she and Gene join their sister outside and find a lobster that escaped. The three secretly bring it to Louise's room to eat it. They make a makeshift stove to cook the lobster, but Tina tells them that their first time eating a lobster should be more special than this. Tina believed she would eat lobster for the first time at her wedding with Jimmy Jr. However, they accidentally drop it into the pot and eat it anyway.

Tina, Gene, and Louise go to Lobsterfest to find a cure after Gene experiences an allergic reaction. They convince their dad that Gene didn't eat lobster because Bob is also allergic to lobster, and he's bitter towards people who try to enjoy eating it.

Tina s1e13 Torpedo

Tina carrying her signed baseball and Angel's jockstrap. ("Torpedo")


In the Season 1 finale, "Torpedo," Tina and her family go to the town's baseball game because Bob bought a tiny ad promoting the restaurant. Bob sees his role model, baseballer Torpedo Jones, and he asks Torpedo if Gene can run in the Wonder Wharf Baseball Park's mascot race. Torpedo agrees, but the player also hires Tina as his "ball girl"/caddie, having her bring burgers from Bob's and get other things for the team. Tina uses this opportunity to flirt with the older baseball players and slap their butts.

Bob discovers Torpedo is using his burger's grease to lubricate his balls and cheat, and after Gene starts cheating because of Torpedo, Bob tries convincing the player to play fair. Torpedo fires Tina and revokes the special seat privilege he gave to Bob's family. The baseball team signs a ball for Tina as a farewell gift, and she also steals a jockstrap owned by Angel, one of the players.

Season 2[]

Tina, Jimmy Jr, Andy and Ollie, Gene, Louise, Zeke

Tina gazing at Jimmy Jr. as they plummet down an elevator shaft. ("The Belchies")

"The Belchies"[]

In the Season 2 premiere, "The Belchies," Teddy, Bob's best customer and friend, tells Tina and her siblings about secret treasure at the abandoned Caffrey Taffy Company that the city will demolish tomorrow. They plan on finding the treasure. Despite protests from Louise, Tina uses this as a moment to spend time with Jimmy Jr. by inviting him.

The Belcher siblings sneak off to the factory, and her crush comes. But what they didn't expect was Jimmy Jr.'s best friend, Zeke, who tagged along, in addition to Jimmy Jr.'s younger twin brothers, Andy and Ollie. Tina gets upset that Zeke comes because the boy cares more about Zeke than her. To seduce her crush, she pretends to be a stereotypical "damsel in distress."

When all seven of them get stuck in an old shaft, Tina suggests they stay in the elevator so she can gaze at Jimmy Jr. While her sister leaves to take the treasure for herself, Tina only leaves once Jimmy Jr. goes, too, but she has trouble finding him. Tina's parents come to the warehouse, and everyone is reunited but Louise, who's stuck in a pit. Tina quits acting helpless and mindless because she realizes it isn't working on her crush, and Tina creates a plan to free Louise.

By the time they release Louise, it's already morning, and they're toppling the factory. They all escape the factory, and Jimmy Jr. tells her Tina is hot for being intelligent. Tina rejects her crush's advances after realizing she shouldn't be someone else to get a boy to notice her. However, once she sees how Jimmy Jr.'s butt moves as he's moping away from her, her passion is reignited.

Tina getting her money back. ("Bob Day Afternoon")

"Bob Day Afternoon"[]

A robbery happens in "Bob Day Afternoon" at First Oceanside Savings Bank, the bank Bob and Linda go to. Seargent Bosco and the rest of the police force use Bob's restaurant as a stakeout. Mickey, the bank robber, orders the police to bring food for him and the hostages. Mickey orders burgers from Bob's restaurant, and the police want Bob to get the food to Mickey. Tina draws a fish on the bag to signify that it's from her family's restaurant, but people confuse it for a rocket and a penis. Bob goes to the bank, but he doesn't know snipers are trying to shoot Mickey as he grabs the burgers, so now Bob has to take cover in the bank and becomes a hostage.

Louise calls the bank telephone to get Mickey, and Tina tells Louise to ask Mickey to take out the allowance money she put in the bank. Mickey sends Tina her money with Gene's remote-controlled car, with a little extra cash, but Bosco likely confiscates it as evidence.

Tina, Gene, Louise, Linda swimsuits s2e2 Synchronized Swimming

Tina, Gene, Louise, and Linda in their swimsuits. ("Synchronized Swimming")

"Synchronized Swimming"[]

In "Synchronized Swimming," Tina and her siblings exploit their mom by making her do their homework. Tina gets her mom to write down her dreams in Tina's dream journal for English. Tina, Gene, and Louise use Linda further by forging Linda's signature, which allows them to have a free period with a fake "independent study" class of synchronized swimming. When Linda discovers they did this, she's excited and wants to teach her kids how to swim synchronously. She gets upset and gives up when Tina and her siblings continue to be lazy.

When the Belcher children discover the school board will grade them on a performance, Tina and her siblings beg for Linda to teach them, or else they'll have to attend summer school. Linda refuses, so Bob coaches them, albeit terribly. Linda arrives and helps her children and the other people who joined the class to skip P.E. to pass the routine. They all get low but passing grades, and Tina and her siblings learn to appreciate Linda more.

Tina Gene s2e4 Burger Boss pinata piñata

Tina brushing a horse piñata before Gene destroys it. ("Burgerboss")


Bob takes Tina and her siblings to the arcade to get the highest score on a game in "Burgerboss," he lies to Linda about where they're going, claiming that he's taking them to sailing lessons. While Bob is training with Darryl, a gaming nerd from Tina, Gene, and Louise's school, Tina and her siblings freeload off multiple kids who have their parties here.

They get bored of having so much cake, and the Belcher children start craving something else. Tina and her siblings go to the Glencrest Yacht Club a few blocks away to steal better food and annoy the guests. When Bob bursts into the event, high from his prescribed medicine, he causes a scene, and the hosts of the event at the Club call Linda. When she arrives, she is shocked to see what her family is doing. Linda becomes upset and takes her family home. However, Tina and her siblings blame Bob for lying to Linda, so Linda mainly directs her anger at her husband.

Dina's ready to mingle! ("Food Truckin'")

"Food Truckin'"[]

Randy returns in "Food Truckin'," and the filmmaker-turned-restaurateur teaches the Belchers how to run a food truck. Bob uses Tina and Louise's college funds to buy and fix an old truck, and Tina becomes "Dina," a restless girl who puts her barrette on the left side instead of the left. When the Belchers take the food truck to the Lolla-Pa-Foods-A Festival, Dina passes out samples at the outdoor food truck/music event. Dina is more willing to lie than Tina, and the alter-ego lies about the food to the event's attendees. Additionally, Tina's siblings try out the other stands here and put mean, distasteful reviews about them.

The Belcher's food trucks win the best award, thanks to Gene and Louise's sabotage and Dina's lies. Everyone else is mad at the Belchers for what they did. When Dina finds out lying about what caused problems for the family, she switches back to Tina. The Belchers and Randy escape the angry crowd in the Bob's Burgers food truck, but when Randy accidentally explodes the vehicle, it forces Tina and the rest of them to walk home.

Tina Gayle Dr

Tina edging towards Dr. Yap before running away. ("Dr. Yap")

"Dr. Yap"[]

In "Dr. Yap," Gayle visits the restaurant with gifts for the children. She gives Tina a cassette tape for the soundtrack of Milk, Louise some of her four-hour energy drink, and Gene a jawbreaker. She and the children later get Bob from Dr. Yap's dentistry. Gayle meets Dr. Yap, and they start flirting with each other. Tina tries getting Dr. Yap's attention since she has a crush on him, but it doesn't work. They take Bob home, and he's hallucinating from the laughing gas Dr. Yap gave him.

The Belchers all go to a cabin in a ski resort as a break from the restaurant with Dr. Yap since he invited Bob and his family. Tina continues to try to get Dr. Yap's attention here. While Dr. Yap watches a Prince of Persuasia video about tips to get a woman, Tina secretly watches. Tina tries using these tactics on Dr. Yap while skiing, but they all fail. They all return to the cabin. After seeing Dr. Yap violently yanking a tooth out of her father's mouth, Tina tells Dr. Yap that she no longer likes him romantically but still wants "dental benefits."

Tina Moody Foodie s2e7

Tina staring at the Moody Foodie. ("Moody Foodie")

"Moody Foody"[]

In "Moody Foodie," the family has to serve a harsh food critic, going by the same name as the title. Tina tries taking the Moody Foodie's order despite protests from her family because of her awkwardness. Her behavior and strangeness worsen the Moody Foodie's opinion of Bob's restaurant. Louise goes to stop Tina from doing anything worse, but it also backfires. Linda shoos them both away.

A week later, the critic publishes a mean review, and people stop eating at the restaurant. Tina suggests going to the Moody Foodie's house for a redo. Bob walks to the critic's review while Tina and her siblings follow him silently. They come to the home and see Bob fighting the Moody Foodie. The four tape him to a chair and hold him hostage there. They realize it went too far, however, so they release him and go home. Tina and her siblings devise a plan, telling the public they will discount their meal if they bring in a bad review from the Moody Foodie.

Tina's Makeup s2e8

Tina's makeover. ("Bad Tina")

"Bad Tina"[]

Tina is the titular character of "Bad Tina," where she meets her recurring frenemy, Tammy. Tammy is a transfer student at Wagstaff, and Tina has to show Tammy around the school. Tammy gets bored of Tina's tour and makes Tina show her something interesting. Tina shows Tammy the peephole she uses to look at the Boy's locker room. They get caught, and they have to stay after school for detention. Jimmy Jr. and Zeke are also here, and Tina introduces her to them. After, Tina goes home, and her mom asks her where she's been. Tina gives Linda attitude, so Linda sends her to her room.

Once it's night, Bob and Linda are getting ready to leave, and they put Tina in charge of Gene and Louise. When their parents go, Tina uses the family phone for only emergencies to text Tammy and bring her over. Tina shows Tammy around her room and her "erotic friend-fiction." She warns Tina not to show this to Jimmy Jr., or else he'd think she's weird, and her crush would never talk to her again. Tammy convinces Tina to bring Jimmy Jr. and Zeke over because she likes Zeke. Tammy makes Tina's hair look like hers because she thinks it'd make Jimmy Jr. like Tina. While the four are sitting in Tina's room, Tammy brings out a margarita mix Tammy took from Linda's stash (though it doesn't really have alcohol). They all start dancing, but when Jimmy Jr. breaks one of Tina's porcelain horses, she kicks them all out. Tammy secretly takes one of Tina's erotic friend-fictions. They leave, and Louise and Gene reveal they've seen the whole thing and blackmail Tina by telling her she has to do all their chores for a month.

Tammy also blackmails Tina by showing her that she has one of her erotic friend-fictions, stating she will show it to Jimmy Jr. if Tina doesn't do whatever she says. Tammy makes Tina come to the mall, get a tattoo, steal from stores, and stop wearing glasses. Finally, she forces Tina to get the margarita mix and meet them at the park at night, but she trips and breaks the bottle. That alerts her parents, and Bob and Linda discover that Tina's been using the emergency phone. Tina argues with her parents, and they ground Tina. Tina goes to her room and lies there, but she hears Tammy outside throwing pebbles at her window. Tammy announces her plan to share Tina's erotic friend-fiction with the entire school during lunch since Tina didn't bring the margarita mix.

Tina sharing her erotic friend-fiction while Ms. Jacobson and Mr. Frond chase her. ("Bad Tina")

Tina tries staying in bed so she doesn't see Tammy do this. Linda tells Tina that Tina must go to school, and Linda, Gene, and Louise enter Tina's room. Tina tells them she doesn't want to go to school, and Tina reveals that Tammy's been blackmailing her with her erotic friend-fiction. Tina starts crying, and Linda comforts her. Louise and Gene discreetly plan to retrieve Tina's erotic friend-fiction. Linda teaches Tina that she shouldn't be embarrassed for writing erotic friend-fiction, and she tells Tina that Jimmy Jr. wouldn't care about that. Tina tells her mom she will write the most "erotic, graphic, freakiest, friend-fiction ever" to share at school, and Linda cheers her on before hugging her.

Tina and her siblings all go to school. While Tina's writing her latest erotic friend-fiction and Gene and Louise are retrieving one of Tina's previous erotic friend-fiction from Tammy, Linda tells Bob what Tina plans to do. Linda repeats it to Bob but realizes it's a bad idea. They rush to the school to try to stop Tina. The two younger siblings manage to steal it back, and once lunch starts, Mr. Frond declares that Tammy has something to share, but Tammy realizes that she doesn't have Tina's erotic friend-fiction. Mr. Frond hands the mic to Tina, and Tina starts reading her new erotic friend-fiction. Louise and Gene barge in to tell Tina they took the erotic friend-fiction back from Tammy, but Tina continues to tell her story. Mr. Frond and Ms. Jacobson chase Tina while she's telling her erotic friend-fiction.

When Tina finishes, Tina's parents arrive to tell Tina not to read it, but it was too late. Everyone starts laughing at Tina, but when Tammy accidentally farts, Louise diverts the attention to Tammy, and everyone starts laughing at her instead. Tammy runs out of the cafeteria, farting. Jimmy jr. tells Tina that he liked her story.

Tina Nathan s2e9 Beefsquatch

Tina and other Tina. ("Beefsquatch")


In the Season 2 finale "Beefsquatch," Bob and Gene get invited to cook on Get On Up!, a show hosted by Chuck Charles and Pam. Tina, Louise, and Linda watch the two cook in the audience section. During a performance, Tina meets her first non-Jimmy Jr. romantic partner, Nathan. Nathan is obsessed with Pam, and the boy becomes Tina's boyfriend to get closer to famous TV hostess Pam, though Tina is unaware of that.

After her family attends a party hosted by Chuck and Pam, Tina and Nathan meet on the empty set of Get On Up! Tina realizes Nathan's been using her and breaks up with him. Tina finds Nathan backstage dressed as herself and assaulting Pam. Pam kicks Tina, Louise, and Nathan out, and the two siblings meet their mom, whom Pam also kicked out for a different reason. Outside the set, Tina and her family witness Bob and Gene fighting on the show. Tina, Louise, Linda, and Nathan break in to stop the pair from fighting. After Linda gets the show canceled, they return home, and Tina declares she's ready to date again.

Tina trying to tell Louise to tell their parents about Logan. ("Ear-sy Rider")

Season 3[]

"Ear-sy Rider"[]

In the Season 3 premiere, "Ear-sy Rider," Louise teases Logan Bush, a high schooler who picks on little kids and blocks the shortcut to their apartment. However, after Tina's sister keeps mocking Logan, he takes her bunny ears. Tina and Gene are shocked to see him do this. At dinner, Tina tries to tell Louise she should talk to their parents about this, but Louise cuts her off. Louise tells Tina and Gene she plans to get her ears back. Tina offers to keep Louise's dinner warm.

After many failed attempts, Louise calls in the One Eyed Snakes, a bikers' gang led by Critter who wanted to pay the Belchers back after trashing the restaurant. They force the high schooler to give Louise her ears, but the group and the parents of the high schoolers clash at the restaurant. While arguing, Mudflap, one of the gang's members, starts having a baby. Tina watches as Tom Bush, Logan's father and doctor, delivers the baby, and she hears Mudflap announce Critter is the father.

Tina Halloween costume s3e2 Full Bars

Tina as a mommy mummy for Halloween. ("Full Bars")

"Full Bars"[]

It's Halloween in "Full Bars," and Tina and her siblings go trick-or-treating without adult supervision for the first time. The Belcher children aren't satisfied with what they're getting from their town, so they decide to take a ferry to King's Head Island, an island off the coast of Ocean Avenue with a much wealthier community.

The local kids here help Tina and her siblings by guiding them around the city, but the King's Head children get more nervous when it becomes late. They tell Tina and her siblings about Hell Hunt, the time when high schoolers gang up on young trick-or-treaters and torture them. Then, teenagers surprise them and surround the King's Head children as the Belchers escape. Tina convinces her siblings to help their friends instead of fleeing home.

Tina and the DEA agent greeting each other. ("Bob Fires the Kids")

"Bob Fires the Kids"[]

In "Bob Fires the Kids," Bob believes he's making his kids miserable by making them work all the time, so he fires them and hires Mickey, the bank robber from "Bob Day Afternoon." At first, Tina and her siblings enjoy this free time, but they don't know what unemployed kids do, so the Belcher children get lost on their bikes until they discover a weed farm, which they believe is only a blueberry farm. The elderly owners of the farm, Cooper and Beverly, pay the kids $10 a day, and the couple put Tina in charge of delivering these weed-hiding blueberries. Bob tries hiring Tina and her siblings, but they all decline because, unlike working at the restaurant, they get paid to work at Cooper and Beverly's farm.

When Bob, Linda, and Mickey find the farm, a group of DEA agents, SWAT agents, and policemen surround the farm and seize the elderly couple. The customer from before reveals himself as a DEA agent and tells Tina and her family (and Mickey) to get down. Tina recognizes the agent as one of her former buyers and says, "Hi." The man says "Hi" back.

Tina getting a scalp massage from Marco. ("Mutiny on the Windbreaker")

"Mutiny on the Windbreaker"[]

In "Mutiny on the Windbreaker," Captain Flarty, the ship's captain, comes to the restaurant and tries one of Bob's burgers, and he invites Belchers on the luxury liner. He claims it's only for one day, however, since Bob didn't want to spend a lot of time away from the restaurant. Tina, Louise, and Linda go to the ship's spa. After seeing Marco, an attractive masseur, Tina spends her whole time at the massage parlor. She tries convincing Marco to give her a massage, but Marco keeps declining because Tina's a minor. He agrees to do her scalp. Linda and her kids meet at the ship's dining hall to have dinner while Bob cooks for them and the passengers.

When Bob realizes that the cruise liner has been moving and that Flarty lied, the ship's crew captures Bob. Tina and the rest of his family try convincing him to enjoy the cruise, but when everyone sees the passengers throwing up from the food one of the other shanghaied chefs made, the crew mutinies against Captain Flarty. Tina and her family return home and see Bob's exploded meat package he ordered while they were at sea.

Tina s3e5 An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal

Tina pulling on the wish-skin. ("An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal")

"An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal"[]

In "An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal," Mr. Fishoeder gets the Belchers to pose as his family to lure his homewrecking crush, Shelby Schnabel. He invites them to his home, and the landlord makes Linda his wife, Tina and her siblings his children, and Bob the cook. To get the Belcher children to act like his own, he gives them tickets for every pleasant action they do so that they can cash in for a prize at the end. As the most socially awkward of her siblings, Tina doesn't earn any tickets. She goes into the kitchen where Bob is to continue her and her father's tradition of making a pulling with a wishbone, but with a "wish-skin" instead. Tina returns to the dining room to get more tickets. Bob brings the turkey and causes a scene because he's drunk on abstinthe. Linda tells Tina and her siblings to hug Mr. Fishoeder, and Bob gets jealous. He steals the turkey, and Shelby starts chasing him with a shotgun. Tina and her family apologize for not celebrating Thanksgiving like Bob wanted. Tina and her family bring the penetrated turkey home and eat it without Mr. Fishoeder and Shelby.

Tina s3e6 The Deepening

Tina daydreaming about feeding the shark. ("The Deepening")

"The Deepening"[]

Mr. Fishoeder buys a mechanical shark for Wonder Wharf from The Deepening in "The Deepening." Watching the movie in the restaurant convinces Tina that the machine has feelings. She tells her siblings that they have to free it, but they have different reasons for wanting to go to the shark. Louise wants to make mechanical shark fin soup, so she gets Gene to climb on top of it to cut off its fin. At first, Tina protests but approves when Louise tells her the fin will grow back. Gene accidentally topples the machine, setting the shark loose. Tina backs away but cheers because the attraction is free now.

The shark becomes uncontainable and causes chaos in Ocean Avenue. Bob leads a meeting in the restaurant with the other townspeople to figure out ways to stop the shark. Tina tells them they shouldn't try killing the shark, but no one cares. Tina becomes conflicted between choosing her father or the shark. Tina decides to save her father and tells Teddy to ruin the shark by turning on the ice cream machine. Her idea works, and Tina and her siblings enjoy ice cream coming from the openings of the shark.

Tina crashes the car. ("Tinarannosaurus Wrecks")

"Tinarannosaurus Wrecks"[]

In another Tina-focused episode, "Tinarannosaurus Wrecks" starts with her and her dad getting supplies for the restaurant in a warehouse. Seeing its empty parking lot, Bob lets Tina practice driving there. Tina reluctantly agrees. She gets nervous as Bob tries to tell her what to do, and she crashes into the only car in the area. Although it only left a small dent, Tina makes her dad put a note on it so they can repay the absent driver.

They go home, and Jimmy Pesto calls them, revealing that it was his car they drove into. Bob tells Tina he will take the blame for the damage on Jimmy Pesto's car, and she cannot let anyone know he let her drive, not even their family. Tina starts getting stressed out from hiding this secret, and when Chase Kaminsky, Bob's insurance adjuster, comes to the restaurant, she starts groaning and passes out. Her dad wakes Tina up, and Bob makes Tina sweep the basement while he tries lying to Chase. However, while Bob's doing that, Tina comes back up and adds complex layers to Bob's story, making it almost unbelievable. After hearing that, Chase tells them he will give them their insurance cut, but he asks the Belchers if they can cater his barbeque.

At the barbeque, Bob tries to get Tina to stop being nervous by letting her cook the burgers, but when her dad leaves her unattended, she accidentally starts a fire and burns Chase's house down. The consultant tells the Belchers he's not upset about it, but it only makes Tina feel worse.

While sleeping, Tina wakes up from a nightmare caused by her two accidents and goes to her parent's room, but she startles Bob. He screams, waking up Linda and causing Gene and Louise to enter the room to enjoy the moment. Tina makes her dad tell their family that she was the one who crashed into Jimmy Pesto's car. Bob and Tina decide to go to Chase's office in the morning and admit what really happened.

Tina's first panic-chant in the show. ("Tinarannosaurus Wrecks")

When they tell Chase, the insurance adjuster reveals that he always knew the two were lying, but he wanted to let that slide so he could make burning his house down look like an accident to get insurance money. Chase hands Bob money for helping him, but Bob refuses. The consultant then suggests they can both continue to help each other by committing more acts of insurance fraud. When the insurance adviser tells Bob he will put him in jail if he declines, Tina starts hyperventilating. Chase tells Bob to flood the restaurant's basement, and Bob agrees to do it since he doesn't want to go to jail.

The father-daughter pair return home and tell the rest of the family about Chase. They plot an idea to scare the consultant away: they flood the basement, but Tina, Gene, and Louise pretend they drowned in the water. When the Belchers execute it, the insurance advisor sees through the plan, so Tina and her siblings come back upstairs and watch Bob as he signs the insurance claim for the flooded basement. Gene plays with his keyboard while their dad does that, but Tina takes it from him. When Chase leaves, she reveals that she recorded the insurance adviser admitting that he's pulled hundreds of scams.

They send Gene's keyboard as evidence of Chase's scams to a federal building, and the proof saves the Belchers from the consultant's schemes. Everyone in the family but Bob celebrates by breaking the restaurant's plates.

"The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene"[]

In "The Unbearable Like-Likeness of Gene," Tina and Louise try to find out who "like-likes" Gene. When they discover that it's Courtney, they panic because she's "the most annoying person in the world." They return home after school, and Tina tells their parents about Gene's new girlfriend. They all explain to their parents why Gene shouldn't date her. Tina recalls the time Courtney kept talking on the phone while they were in the school restrooms together, and she kept thinking Courtney was talking to her.

After a while, Gene can't stand Courtney anymore, so Tina and Louise help Gene break up with Courtney without hurting her feelings. They both pretend to be Courtney while Gene tries breaking up with them. However, when Gene went to Courtney's house, he failed to break up with her. He believes her dad, Doug Wheeler, can grant him a record deal once he sings a song at Courtney's birthday party. Tina and her family go to Courtney Wheeler's party to see Gene perform, but Gene breaks Courtney's heart and sends her into shock. The Belchers and all the other guests at the party follow her to the hospital to make sure she's okay.

"God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins"[]

"Bob Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins" starts seven days before Christmas, and the Belcher kids know what they want. Tina wants a dry-erase board to "write down her private thoughts and erase them immediately." However, their parents can't afford any of their presents. Mike the Mailman comes to the restaurant and gives him a letter from Bob's maternal uncle, Ernest G. Lombard.

The Belchers go up to their apartment to have a reading of the will to see what Ernest passed down to Tina's father. They discover Ernest left Bob his storage unit at the Quincy Avenue Just-Stow-It. The family takes Chet in after discovering he lives in Bob's uncle's depot. The day after, the Belchers find out Chet made an extravagant participatory winter display for the restaurant, and the kids want to be part of it.

On Christmas Eve morning, the Belcher children help Chet find his mannequin partner, Nadine. They find her at Spanks A Lot, Ocean Avenue's sex store, and take her to Chet, and he creates the restaurant's final winter display. On the day of Christmas, Tina doesn't get a dry-erase board, but she gets a shoe sizer that still makes her happy.

"Mother Daughter Laser Razor"[]

In "Mother Daughter Laser Razor," Tina gives into peer pressure after she hears the most popular girls at Wagstaff, Claire and Jacqueline, talk about another student's leg hair. She tries to get her mom to shave her hair. Tina backs out after seeing her mom enraged at Louise, but the Belcher tries shaving it herself. When that also doesn't work out, she asks her dad to help her out, and with Gene, the three go to a waxing salon.

Tina gets scared after hearing about how the technician will wax her legs, so she asks Bob to wax his with hers. Gene also waxes his legs. However, after hearing Teddy's pride in his body hair, she regrets waxing her legs. Tina's dad tells her that peer pressure is natural, but Bob also expresses she will make the right decisions when it counts. That helps Tina respect herself.

Season 4[]

Bob's Burgers received its first Primetime Emmy Award in 2014 for the Tina-centric Season 4 episode "Mazel Tina". In the episode, Tina learns about becoming a woman when she takes on the job of Tammy's Bat Mitzvah coordinator at the last minute. Tina's desire to grow up is demonstrated again in the Thanksgiving episode "Turkey in a Can", when she’s determined to prove she’s mature enough to sit at the adults table by wearing pantyhose and watching the news. The stunt doesn't work, and instead the family focuses on Bob's sleepwalking, which wreaks havoc on the family's Thanksgiving.

Tina's relationship with her father is again tested in "Bob and Deliver". In the episode, Tina hopes that Bob being substitute teacher means that she will be teacher's pet, but she is soon overlooked for star pupil Zeke. Hurt, she transfers out of the class. When Bob realizes he has neglected his daughter, he apologizes, promising that she is already his "favorite eldest daughter".

Tina's romance with Jimmy Junior heats up when in "Presto Tina-o" she’s his magician's assistant (before going solo and seeking revenge) and Louise helps her score a date with him at the Spinnaker Hotel only to bulldoze all over it by claiming to be Tina's "Translator". Despite Louise inserting herself through the whole date, Tina and Jimmy Junior share a kiss at the end of the romantic evening.

Another romance for Tina one-time interest Jonas, an older teenager who Tina gets in trouble trying to impress him in "Uncle Teddy". In this episode, Tina sneaks out and lies, things that she rarely does unless motivated by boys (or blackmail)(or Louise). Tina finds more romance when she tells her story in "The Frond Files", when she uses her feminine wiles to seduce an entire zombie basketball team out of eating her friends and into being her boyfriends.

Season 5[]

In season 5 Tina and Louise experience more direct conflict than before in episodes such as "Speakeasy Rider," where the two face off in gokarting, "The Millie-churian Candidate," where Louise takes over Tina's role as Jimmy Jr.'s student body president campaign manager, and "Adventures in Chinchilla-sitting," where Tina is forced to chase Louise's class pet, Princess Little Piddles, all over town. In "Tina Tailor Soldier Spy," Louise goes on to insert herself into Tina's Thundergirls mission, making things worse. The two reconcile when Tina gives Louise a friendship bracelet and Louise promises she will "wear it forever, back off." despite claiming to "not be a jewelry person." The two also share a friendly competition over who can make the best Christmas gift for Bob in "Father of the Bob." Despite the tumult, the two are just as close as they always have been.

Tina continues to pine after Jimmy Jr. in "Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl," taking the role of Katherine Parker to his Jack Trainer in Courtney Wheeler's Working Girl Musical to try and get closer to the dancer. Although she begins the season's Valentine's Day episode "Can't Buy Me Math" with plans to win Jimmy Jr. over, her plan backfires and she falls instead for Darryl. Though the relationship is usually portrayed as mostly in Tina's head, Jimmy Jr.'s tendency to get jealous can be seen when Tina begins to date the coolest boy- er, box- in school, Jeff in "Tina and the Real Ghost."

In the story Tina wrote for Gayle in "The Gayle Tales", called "Lady Chatterteeth's Lover" stars Gayle as a shy seamstress in the Georgian era, and ends with her marrying Scott Bakula in a double wedding with Tina and Jimmy Junior.

With help from Linda, Tina aces a book report on a book she never even read in "Li'l Hard Dad," and with help from her siblings Tina uses her position as hall monitor to prove Zeke innocent and prove to Mr. Frond that people are good in "Midday Run."

It’s revealed in "Eat, Spray, Linda" that Tina goes with her mother on secret bathroom trips to The Royal Oyster Hotel and even knows the staff by name.

Season 6[]

Tina begins season 6 by questioning the origin of her very existence in "Sliding Bobs". She believes that fate brought Bob and Linda together but begins to panic at the thought that maybe it's all just random after all. She finally decides that fate is real, just really random.

In "The Land Ship" we are introduced to Tina's one-episode boyfriend Jordan Cagan, who Tina does graffiti with at night. When they paint all over the sail of the Landship itself, however, Tina's conscience gets the best of her. Tina is back to crushing on Jimmy Jr. in "The Gene & Courtney Show," and panics when she doesn't have a valentine from him, destroying all her classmate's cards. Feeling guilty, Tina turns to Linda and Louise to help her fix her mistake.

Tina learns to follow her heart in season 6, riding her beloved imaginary horse Jericho at her camp riding exhibition in "The Horse Rider-er" and standing up for what she believed when she was given the role of lead female soloist for her puberty positive performance group in "The Hormone-iums."