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Tom Kenny & Yuri Lowenthal (26231588147) (cropped)

Tom Kenny (born July 13, 1962) is an American actor and voice artist. He is known for voicing the title character in the SpongeBob SquarePants TV series, video games, and films. Tom Kenny has voiced many other characters including Heffer Wolfe in Rocko's Modern Life; the Ice King in Adventure Time; Scoutmaster Lumpus and Slinkman in Camp Lazlo; the Narrator and Mayor in The Powerpuff Girls; Carl Chryniszzswics in Johnny Bravo; Sumo in Clarance; Dog in CatDog; Rabbit from the Winnie the Pooh replacing Ken Sansom; TJ Botsford in WordGirl; Tiny Miracle in Uncle Grandpa; and Spyro from the Spyro the Dragon video game series. In Bob's Burgers, he does the voices of Guy, Box Puppet, and Paramedic #1.