Bob's Burgers character
Tommy Jaronda
Tommy Jaronda
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Health Inspector/Musician
Behind the scenes
First ""Nude Beach""
Voiced by Fred Armisen

Tommy Jaronda is a health inspector as well as singer who appears in "Nude Beach". He replaces Hugo as a health inspector after Hugo becomes a nudist. He is voiced by Fred Armisen.


Ron introduces him to the Belchers at Bob's Burgers where he implements his own inspections while on duty like Hugo but they all positively affect the Belchers unlike Hugo's.

In addition to being a health inspector, Tommy is also a musician who plays guitar and sings. After being told by the owner that he can no longer play any more at Pistol McSwish's Basketball and Brew, Bob allows him to play in the restaurant but his songs are very risqué in content which causes outrage with Linda and the diners. Bob attempts to talk Tommy out of playing in the restaurant but he starts littering rat feces on the floor and writes Bob up for it and shuts the restaurant down.

Hugo comes back as health inspector after learning that Tommy was shutting Bob down and declares that he wants to be the one that shuts down the restaurant. He reverses the closure of the restaurant and Tommy is last seen beginning a performance at Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria.


Tommy, at first is very friendly and easy going and is rejective of Hugo's implementations and gives Bob a clean slate on his inspection file. However, it is later revealed that he abuses his position to shut down establishments that don't allow him to play his music. He does this to Pistol McSwish's and Bob's Burgers.


  • Compositions of his inlcude; I'm Good at Sex, Elderly Prostitute, Daddy and Itsy-Bitsy Stripper.


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